Fig, also referred to as Common Fig, is a plant of the mulberry family. What we consume is the fruit of this flowering plant. Today, it is commercially grown throughout the world for its fruit as well as for decorative purposes.

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Interesting Facts About Figs

  • According to the Bible, the leaves used by Adam and Eve to cover themselves were fig leaves
  • Fig leaves are large and have 3 to 5 lobes
  • Fig roots can go as deep as 400 feet
  • The plant has been found in Western Asia and Middle East since ancient times
  • Figs can reproduce without pollen, through a process called parthenogenesis
  • Animals who eat fig, travel and disperse it through their feces, thus resulting in pollination
  • Instead of branches, some types of figs in Philippines develop fruits on stems
  • Figs are used in the treatment of chest congestion
  • Fig juice helps soothe insect bites and tighten the skin; which is why it is used in face masks
  • Figs are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin A, E and K
  • Figs help in lowering cholesterol. It is because they contain a soluble fiber known as pectin
  • The fiber content in figs is also known to prevent breast cancer
  • Figs prevent hypertension; they contain a low level of sodium and a high level of potassium which serves as a perfect defense against hypertension
  • Figs have been used to treat sexual dysfunction for centuries; they can be used as a fertility or sexual supplement
  • Figs also help in treating coughs and asthma

Figs are a source of many essential minerals, vitamins and fibers. They are sweet in taste and can be eaten dried or raw or even with sweet as well as salty meals. Think you know something about figs that we’ve skipped in this story? Tell us in the comments section below!

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