Justin Pierre James Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, currently holding the office since November 4th, 2015. He is the son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau who passed away in 2000. What with degrees in Literature from the McGill University and General Education from the University of British Columbia, his tryst with public office and the media put him into the public eye and that meant he made women swoon (literally) wherever he went. In the last few months, some old pictures of the Canadian Prime Minister have reportedly been released on Twitter and obviously, by the looks of him, it’s difficult to get over the disaster he causes in our hearts every time we see him!

Here go a few glimpses of the unadulterated hotness …

*1* The enigmatic guy who can make girls faint … like right now!


*2* That chiseled hot-bod who doesn’t need any loose talk to get laid!

*3* He’s stripped off, only to get our hearts racing!


*4* Which woman doesn’t want this guy as her boss?


*5* This pokes me to ask if he has a special hotness hormone


*6* How incredibly have you chosen to surprise us, Mr. Prime Minister?467ab388ad8cb20a7c592a7fcc773104

*7* Those angel eyes are already ripping us apart, and then he’s unbuttoned his shirt!trudeau

*9* Call the ambulance, somebody!! ^_^


*10* Hey Mr. Prime Minister, do you know you should be in prison for killing us with these looks?


Yeah! That’s Mr. Prime Minister all right … suave body, charming eyes and those Greek God-like looks! I think it’s the power of women votes that has made you Prime Minister, Sir!

Jokes apart, Justin Trudeau … for being the perfect combination of humility, good looks and thoughtfulness, you have our hearts out for you always!


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