There is no denying the fact that we all love extended weekends, holidays, and some more time to doze off after NYE. Being a couch potato takes a lot of efforts to master. But at the end of the day, holidays make us lethargic, laid back, and lackadaisical.

Good things don’t last forever. Prepare yourself for Khoon Choosu Monday or whatever day you join and follow these tips to help you get back to business.

First things first: Do Not Panic

Do not let the fever of work reach the nucleus of your brain. Worrying would neither simplify your day at work nor elevate the experience of last day at vacation. So, calm the brain down!

Create a To-Do List

to-do list

Make a list of the things that you know need prior attention before you land yourself to work. Do not hesitate to ask for some help from the peers. Set up a plan well in advance before the ‘chase me if you can’ task sets you up.

Prioritise Your Inbox


This is one thing you’re concerned about the most. A mailbox has the capability to give you a slow death. Do not fall into the trap of reading all the emails in chronological order. Try sorting them by sender or subject because the idea is to know what happened rather than when it happened.

One Thing at a Time

You are not Batman or Ironman to juggle with more than one task at a time. You may find the need to indulge in multiple tasks to catch up with work but sadly, this is not an efficient approach. Welcome one thing at a time and embrace the situation gracefully.

Say No to Distractions


Now when you are back, it is time to focus and get rid of the distractions. Keep the mobile phone on vibration mode, logout from social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and whatever else is left to mention.

Punch-In and Punch-Out on Time

If you were out holidaying doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put in extra efforts after coming back to work. Arrive on time, follow the to-do list, and leave on time.

Embrace the Post-Vacation Blues

It is easier said than done. You visited a website which reminded you of your vacations in Bali or Maldives and suddenly you started feeling melancholic. Accept the reality, work wholeheartedly, and think of a new place when you plan another vacation in the future.

Keep calm and carry on!

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