These Underrated South Indian Delights are Waiting to be Tasted

On a trip to Mumbai, I was welcomed as the Southerner who loves her dosas, which I do. But then I began to wonder, is that all the Northies think we eat? Surely not. As much as I’d like to be ‘made of’ dosa, there’s a lot more to South Indian food that I’d like to educate all my readers about.

Please note, I’m only going to be talking about breakfast food here, as dosa, is in fact, a breakfast food. Let me dive right in.

Puttu & Kadala Curry

I can’t even begin to explain how divine this combination is. Puttu is a popular Kerala breakfast food that is made by steaming a specially ground rice flour in a cylindrical mould. It is layered with coconut and served both sweet and savoury. The kadala curry is made of black chenna dhal and cooked in a coconut-based stew. Once you taste it, you can’t turn back. Try it out now with Uber Eats promo code.


String Hoppers in English, Idiyappam is a labour extensive breakfast dish that is totally worth the work. It is sort of like rice noodles that is steamed and served with yummy side dishes. Though sort of bland by itself (I like it that way personally) it can be served along with a variety of curries like Paya or Ishtu or Sodhi which are all savoury. It can also be eaten along with sweetened coconut milk. Get it now using Uber Eats coupons.


Known by different names in different states of the south, Paddu/ Kuzhi Paniyaram/ Gunta Ponganalu is made by steaming an idly-batter like batter in a circular mould. It is served with chutney or sambar and is typically eaten as a savoury breakfast. Onions can also be added to it, giving it a different taste. Try your first Paddu with Uber Eats offers.


To put it simply, Adai is a dosa made using fermented lentils. It is a filling dish that is rich in proteins. It is typically served with a stew called Avial which is a coconut and curd based vegetable curry. Uber Eats promos will help to get you your first Adai-Avial.


This is also a rice batter-based pancake that is bowl-shaped. The batter for appam is typically fermented more than a dosa better, giving it a distinct sour-ish taste. Served either with a savoury ishtu or sweet coconut milk, Appam is a favourite amongst south Indians. Get it now with Uber Eats coupons.

I hope I’ve sold my case to you all and you’ll try these dishes. You can use CashKaro’s Uber Eats Offers & Uber Eats promos to try these dishes now. Order now with Uber Eats Promo code and you won’t regret it.

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