Faking news posts, blocking colleagues on social networking sites and on-the-spot resignations, these are what employees resort to after looking at the ratings received after appraisal meetings. But the palpitations and apprehensions that an employee goes through BEFORE the appraisal meeting actually happens, it’s painful and mind-numbing to explain how it feels.

So when some spooky goofball video bloggers decided to vlog on appraisal meetings in Indian offices, we definitely got excited.

You can have a look too!

The Ordeal Every Techie Goes Through

Yeah, the face says it all!

The First Appraisal Meeting Experience

Now you will face it. Every. Single. Time.

You Know The Drill But Take it With a Pinch of The 90’s Flavour

The Reel Vs. Real Appraisal Meeting

If only we could dance through ‘appraisals’ … LoL

What You Should Do After The Appraisal Meeting

Job satisfaction and appraisal meetings run on a different tangent altogether. Enough Said.


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