MBA- the three golden words every graduate thinks is his ticket to a better life and career. While getting into a decent MBA college involves cracking entrance exams which ask questions which have no relation to business acumen, group discussions which too requires its own knack and of course a personal interview which will make you question why you thought you’re fit for MBA in the first place.

Once you do manage to cross these barriers, MBA life has its own ups and downs of exams, presentations, case studies and much more to keep you on your toes all week. Here are a few incidents and stories that take place in almost every MBA college:

When preparing presentations, every group has the same stock characters- the hard worker who is left preparing the slide till the crack of dawn, the wannabe smarty pants who wants his ideas to be implemented but doesn’t want to do a thing, the free rider who only shows up before class to know what his slide numbers are and the demotivator who keeps pointing out how impossible it is to get this done, how he sold his kidney, why the dog across the street hates him along with similar rants!

frustated Presentation

You’re prepared well in advance about an impending guest lecture which is something you never look forward to. Most think of bunking it but you’re pulled out of the hostel none the less because hiding in your dorm is such a smart thing to do. Good job idiot!


You’re asked to read the newspaper every day to catch up on trending topics which of course you’re too cool to give a damn about. Sadly you’re hit with the harsh reality at the time of interviews and group discussions.


Speaking of group discussions, there are so many rules- try speak in the first two minutes, enter the discussion at least 2-3 times, let others speak, listen, show leadership qualities by encouraging someone who hasn’t spoken. The irony is most students have no fricking idea what the group topic is about! You’re dying a slow death inside looking at one another hoping someone will begin.

Group Discussion

When giving presentations, there is always a goof up over slide numbers and someone else comes and delivers your slide too. Good luck getting yourself out of that one!


You’re always told how your batch is useless and the one before you ended up with such glorious placements (liar liar pants on fire) and you will not find a job this way.

You spend months preparing for your dream company only to realise its hiring for a role for which you’re not a fit or it has decided to not come to your campus. Why did you bother with MBA again?


Placement season is the toughest. You’re competing with friends and everyday you hear some random slacker got placed and you just want to find a cave from which you never want to emerge.

MBA surely is a demanding stream but with good friends, a bit of hard work and some street smarts, you realise it wasn’t all that bad!

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