Things Every Tomboy will Relate To!

There are girls, there are girly girls and then there are tomboys! Tomboys can be defined as girls who have the brains and mind of a boy and the heart of a woman which indeed is a rare and beautiful combination. In a world where most girls are obsessed with brands, dresses and selfies, tomboys come across as a refreshing change.

If you’re a tomboy or grew up being a tomboy, here are a few phases in life you’ll surely be able to relate to:

Barbies were NEVER your Thing!


Admit it you’ve been there- the rest of your girl gang playing dress up and House with their Barbie and Ken collectibles and you just wanting to barf at the whole idea. Playing with dolls was never your idea of fun. If you did get a Barbie, it wouldn’t survive the night as it would lie dismembered and torn apart by next morning- to be honest that was the most fun thing you could do with them!

Relatives Never Knew what to Get You!


During your younger years, your relatives never knew what gifts to give you. Dolls, frocks and clips just weren’t your thing. Be it your choice of clothes, shoes or overall appearance, you weren’t remotely girlish and your relatives never knew what would be the right gift for you. Only later they realised you’d prefer roller skates and Hot Wheel Cars instead. You can always make use of amazon india coupons to find interesting gifts for your tomboy friends that will surely light them up.

Video Games were (still are) your Life!


Although video games cannot be discriminated in terms of gender per se, however you completely kicked ass when it came to games like Tekken, Contra and WWF. You know all the secret passageways, hacks and you can finish Mario in record time. You could spend hours playing video games and you probably still do as and when you find time.

Fun Time = WWF

WWF-Monday-night-Raw-wwe-31330022-1920-1200You absolutely couldn’t get enough of those WWF matches and knew exactly who was The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and The Rock and probably collected WWF cards too. Your joy knew no bounds when the matches were held in steel cages and the ref got beaten up with a chair too. This was the definition of fun!

You make an awesome Bro!


This is a neat advantage as you’re comfortable around both boys and girls and can have a conversation on any topic. Guys turn to you for advice and you’re always happy to help. You are one bro that is hard to beat.

Sports is your High!

107185241-e1346206072998 Be it watching sports on TV or be it playing basketball, volleyball or even cricket, you’re probably good at outdoor sports. You rather watch a game of sports on television rather than a fashion show. All those dresses and gowns and styles do not form part of your vocabulary.

You Shop in a Jiffy!


Spending hours in malls and looking at clothes for hours is something you cannot fathom. If you go shopping, you’re probably done in 45 minutes or an hour max because you know exactly what you need. You couldn’t care less about the latest sales but if you cannot complete a level in video games, that really gets you upset.

Best of Both Worlds


You’re actually gifted because you get the best of both worlds- you function with the mind of a guy which enables you to comfortably make friends with boys and you have the heart of a woman which makes you beautiful person. In short, you’re gifted with a unique disposition and should be proud of it!

If you were or are a tomboy, you know there isn’t any other way you’d rather be!

Suruchi Sethi
CashKaro Blog