When it comes to natural beauty, there are not many places you would put up next to Queensland. It is nature’s playground, with an incredible backdrop of beautiful sites throughout. With seasons changing frequently, different adventure activities, cruises, restaurants and much more, can be accessed throughout the year. Here are a few things to do in Queensland :-


1. Adventure

Queensland itself has been shaped by different lifestyles, activities, cultures but the adventure activities take the prize. For all the adrenaline junkies, bungy jumping, sky diving, river rafting and surfing, jet boat are outdoor activities to name a few. For indoor thrills, trampoline rooms, ice arenas, go-karting, haunted attractions and so much more are around the corner for anyone to access. Queensland is the adventure capital of the world, and no one should doubt it.


2. Night Life

Looking forward to a pre-dinner drink or planning to dance the night away? Nothing better than the bars and clubs, with DJs, live music and a great-drinks special. There is always a party vibe, be it any day of the week so go out and enjoy the night. Tastes might differ but across 150 bars, café’s and restaurants, your taste will definitely be satisfied. A fine glass of wine and a buzzing nightlife is just the start to your incredible stay here in Queensland.


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3. Sightseeing

Nothing better than experiencing and absorbing Queensland’s breathtaking natural beauty on a scenic flight or a cruise, through the mountains and across the lakes. You can opt to drive through the coastal areas, walk around and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset, fly your way around the Queenstown. With scenic modes of commute, there are off road tours available and accessible.


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4. Wine Tours and Tasting

Home to some of the world’s best Pinot Noir, Queensland offer’s some of the best tours with a vast variety of wines. There’s alot to relish while on a tour of vineyards, soak in the aroma of the wine and let your taste buds enjoy this speciality. If you don’t want to buy wine during the tour, that is never a problem as there are tons of stores in Queensland which will be able to cater to your wine cravings.


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5. Shopping

Queensland is also a home to shopping and super markets all around. You can visit art galleries, book shops and exclusive wine stores. In addition, it also offers electronic stores, supermarkets and liquor stores at shopping centres. Be it fashion, gifts and souvenirs, speciality food shops or other retails, Queensland has it all.


6. Relax at the Beach

Home to so many ethereal beaches, it really makes no sense to go to Queensland and not to go the Beach. The amazing biodiversity hotspot – The Great Barrier Reef finds its home just off the shore of Queensland. There are tons of other pristine beaches and even cableways that takes you through the rainforests adjacent to the beach is available.

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