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Swiggy is a food delivery app which connects restaurants and customers throughout India, but there’s much more to it! It provides some outstanding features that enhance the customer experience, such as its exclusive restaurants, Swiggy Pop and much more.

The Swiggy App is an online platform that has plenty of restaurants with a plethora of cuisines from all around the world. The Swiggy delivery app brings swift service at your doorstep without any hassle. With Swiggy offers on CashKaro, you can avail huge discounts and cashbacks on your food orders.

Interesting things about Swiggy- 

Exclusive restaurants:  Swiggy offers lip-smacking delights from some exclusive restaurants listed on the Swiggy app. You will not be able to find these restaurants listed under any other food app for delivery. These exclusive restaurants on Swiggy offer amazing menu along with great options for concessions with the Swiggy coupon codes. You can find restaurants like Five Fat Monks, Starbucks, Theeram and many more on the Swiggy Exclusive tab.

Express Delivery Restaurants

For the ones who are impatient for their food, Swiggy has come up with Swiggy express delivery where it will aim to deliver piping hot food within 15-20 minutes. Swiggy will get food from partner restaurants, get the order completed and immediately leave for delivery so that the food is served hot. Many restaurants have become a part of this initiative which is in its pilot phase.

Reorder Food

As a registered user of Swiggy, you can easily view your past orders and repeat the exact same order if you want. It is a superb time saver feature which lets you buy your regular meal without having to go through the ordeal of scrolling the entire menu or catalogue again.

Swiggy Super

This is the flagship membership plan of Swiggy in which you can earn unlimited benefits. If you register for Swiggy super, you will be able to receive unlimited free delivery on all your orders above Rs 99/- anytime and whichever place you want it to get delivered. You will also not be charged any surge fee in case of heavy rains or high demand situations.

Swiggy Pop

Swiggy Pop was launched last year to cater to an audience which is always on the lookout for affordable meals created specifically for a single person. Through this service, Swiggy offers hand-picked menu of single-serve meals at a price ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 200. The menu includes Biryanis, burgers, Combos and a lot more. In addition to this, orders booked via Swiggy Pop have zero delivery charges levied on them which is an added bonus for customers.

I hope this blog gives you a better idea about how the Swiggy application works to bring you hot and mouth-watering favorite food to you at any time that you want. It also provides you great options to avail Swiggy promo codes and get fascinating discounts on your food delivery. Some coupons even get your food delivered to your doorstep for free.

To maintain its competitive edge, Swiggy offers and Swiggy coupons are available on the CashKaro webpage. So, what are you waiting avail all these awesome services now!

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