Things You Should Know Before Your Foray Into Contact Lenses

All prescription glass wearers will agree when I say ‘wearing glasses all the time is the most annoying’. I mean, you’ll have to deal with frequent smudges and I don’t even need to start about sports.

That’s why contact lenses were invented. To give people with eyesight problems at least an option other than glasses. But contact lenses come with their own set of challenges and things you should know. Here’s a quick run-through of things you should know before you start using them.


If you think maintaining regular glasses is hard, then contacts will prove to be your worst enemy. Your contacts need to be removed every night. And if you’ve gone with the reusable kind, you need to keep it in lens solution all night. Think about all this while making the decision. Buy the best solution and lens cases using Lenskart offers and save!

Personal Hygiene

If you’re not a person who constantly washes their hands, then you have to become one. When you’re a contacts wearer, you will be constantly touching your eyes and face, and it just won’t do if you’re sticking dirty fingers in your eyes. That’s a one-way ticket to infections.

Getting used to them

No, it will not be an experience where you can just magically see. Be prepared to experience at least minor levels of discomfort in your first couple uses. Also, be aware that there are different types of lenses and one is more suited for you than another. This means some experimentation is in order. Only go into Contact Lenses if you’re ready for all that. But once you’re comfortable with it, I promise, it is the best thing next to being able to see naturally. Conduct your experiments with Lenskart coupons and save!

The Price

Yes, contacts do cost more than traditional eyeglasses. Glasses are like a one-time investment whereas, with contact lenses, you need to change them at least once a month. If you’re comfortable with this, then, by all means, go ahead and get your lenses. You can always use Lenskart coupon codes to fill out your contact lens prescription. Using CashKaro’s Lenskart offer today, you can avail cashback on your purchases.

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