He’s almost 50 and he’s probably fitter than you are. Akshay Kumar, our very own Singh who absolutely deserves to be King, is another year older and he’s getting better with age.

tumblr_inline_occkodvrgw1tc5wsp_500Today, we’re letting you in on some of his secrets. Read carefully, you stand to learn a lot.

He Wakes Up At 4:30 Every Day

He personifies the proverb – Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. For decades now, Akshay has been waking up at 4:30 am. In multiple interviews, he’s stressed on the fact that waking up before the sun comes out is essential for healthy body and mind.

He Does Not Eat After 7 pm

He makes it a point not to eat after 6:30 – 7 pm even though he loves food, especially sweets. The kind of self-control the man practices is commendable and inspiring. If he absolutely has to, he eats proteins like meat or egg whites at night. This gives a chance to the stomach to rest through the night and you wake up feeling light and ready to take on the day. Super healthy habit.

Exercise Is His Foremost Priority

When it comes to working out, the ‘Khiladi’ leaves no stone unturned. Martial arts, swimming, skipping, hiking, rock climbing, yoga – you name it, Akshay practises it. He does not believe in hardcore gymming with a trainer. Instead, he believes fitness comes from an active lifestyle and balanced diet – words of wisdom that everyone should swear by.


He Says No To Dieting

His day starts with parathas and a glass of milk. This is followed by fresh fruits and nuts. He admits that he never goes on a diet but makes it a point to eat on time and eat balanced meals. He keeps his dinners extremely light including soups and salads, completely avoiding carbs and sugar. The fact that he enjoys home-cooked meals more than junk food is an added bonus.

He Has Never Tasted A Cigarette

Akshay has never smoked in his life and it’s applause-worthy. He believes that smokers can never achieve a fit body as cigarettes suck the stamina out of you. He’s been known to detest bodybuilders who smoke as it shows that they take short-cuts while bulking up, which brings us to our final point.

He Does Not Believe In Shortcuts

He’s been working out for 32 years now and has never had the much fancied 8 packs. He does not believe in shortcuts when it comes to body building, or life for that matter. Never having consumed artificial, chemical based body building treatments, he adorably admits that he takes whatever his mother gives him, be it herbs, haldi-doodh or ayurvedic medicines.

We bow down to you, Akki – Wish you a very happy birthday!

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