This is How The Artificial Intelligence World Will Look Like in 2030

Artificial Intelligence

Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the last 300 years.

This bold prediction from the school of Engineering and Technology at Harvard University underlines the bigger than life role that Artificial Intelligence will play in the years to come.

Robots have already begun taking over roles of people in workplaces such as factories and banks. According to an estimate, approximately six human jobs are replaced with every robot introduced into the workforce.

Here’s a prediction on how the artificially intelligent world will look like in 20 years.

1. Home Robots to Take Care of Every Household Chore, Keep Reminders, and Serve Food.

future of AI for home robots

2. Self-Driving Cars That Don’t Require a Driver to Move Around the City.

future of AI for self driving cars


3. Unmanned Gas Pumps Which Don’t Require Human Intervention for Filling Petrol and Diesel.


4. No Customer Care Executives. Chat with Chatbots to Resolve Queries and Get Things Done.

5. Industry Automation with Machine Dominance and Very Less Manpower.

Industry Automation

6. Home Deliveries Will Be Faster and More Efficient with Drones.

8. Advanced Healthcare Robots Taking Care of Patients and Helping in Surgeries.

future of AI for healthcare robots

9. Artificial Intelligence Implants Can Turn Us Into Superhumans.

10. Millions of Labourers Will Be Out of Jobs

Because of that, Michael Littman says we will have to rethink how we value people.

Are you ready for the future?


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