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What if you were to learn that you’ve been shopping online all wrong? What if every belief you had about the online world was to be proven wrong? Online shopping can be quite addictive and people end up shopping for hours spending tons on money but what if you were to learn there is a neat new trick that will forever change the way you shop online?

Shopping and saving now go hand in hand and as absurd as this idea might sound, it’s true and thousands of online shoppers can corroborate to this fact that online shopping can actually help them save money. The name which is turning this ridiculous idea to reality is none other than India’s first and leading cashback websites that is rewarding its customers with real and hard cash. Hard as it may sound, but you have got to try the website to believe it. Shopping via CashKaro is the ultimate way of boosting savings whilst shopping online as you get to earn discounts as well as cashback giving you dual benefits.

shocked-woman-lawyer-laptop brings the revolutionary idea of cashback to India as it understands India’s love for savings. Discounts and deals are old school as the new mantra to saving maximum is earning cashback over and above discounts and this is exactly what CashKaro offers. CashKaro has tied up with over 1000+ retailers to offer a gamut of online stores to its customers who earn the additional benefit of cashback which is not awarded by any other player. Most coupon websites purely provide only deals or heavy discounts but CashKaro is here to challenge them by going a step further and offering hard cashback over and above listed discounts. This makes it a double win for customers who save money by utilising not just the discounts but also earning cashback with every transaction.

With CashKaro, you’re connected to over a 1000 different retailers to shop to your heart’s content. Be it big names like AliExpress, Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm or be it budding startups, CashKaro has almost every retailer imaginable as its partner to provide maximum variety to its consumers. Whether you shop for electronics, fashion, home décor, healthcare, personal care or whether you shop for food, CashKaro is the website you need to visit before conducting online transactions. Order food easily with Foodpanda or Zomato, pay electricity bills easily with Paytm, book movie tickets with ease thanks to Nearbuy and shop for good related to almost every aspect of your life including your pets and earn cashback everytime.


CashKaro has been backed by Kalaari Capital and has successfully raised Rs. 25 crores in Series A funding which is further testimonial to the success and authenticity of this website. Kalaari has previously invested in big names including Myntra, Zivame and Snapdeal which is proof to the fact that it recognises the potential CashKaro holds. CashKaro is cofounded by entrepreneur duo Rohan Bhargava and Swati Bhargava who first founded Pouring Pounds- a UK based cashback website. After tasting success in foreign lands, they decided to turn their focus to India and launch a cashback model in a land which has a special penchant for savings.

Indians love being rewarded with something “Extra”- be it the free coriander with vegetables from the local vegetable vendor, the free salad with meals or even the free air fill in tyres at the petrol pump. CashKaro now offers that “extra” in the form of additional cashback to its users making their online shopping experience all the more fruitful and rewarding.


Earning cashback is quite simple.   All you need to do is log into your CashKaro account or sign up for free and start shopping across 1000 retailers each offering amazing deals and CashKaro backing it up further with cashback. CashKaro further makes your shopping dilemma simpler by offering a stunning feature known as Price Comparison which gives makes it possible to compare prices of a product across a variety of retailers to find out where they save most. This saves time and energy as consumers no longer have to search through different retailers to individually compare prices as CashKaro does it for them. This ensures that everytime you shop, you pay the least amount and earn cashback too.

This secret of earning cashback took USA and UK by storm and is now gaining popularity in India too. CashKaro has disbursed over 30 crores in the form of cashback to over thousands of happy customers and this number is growing exponentially. If you want to maximise your savings whilst stopping online, be sure to shop via CashKaro everytime- India’s largest savings destination!

📢 Hungry for more deals? Visit CashKaro stores & online shopping categories to get exclusive coupons and save up to ₹15,000 per month. Download the app - Android & iOS to get free ₹25 bonus Cashback!
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