Tik-tok User Takes His Love for Chicken Legs to the Next Level!

uber eats offers on chicken legs

Tik-tok user, Ulhas Kamathe is trending for the most amazing food ever, “Chicken Leg Bis”!! Desi Twitter and Tik-tok users are going crazy over this guy who makes unique videos while eating chicken drumsticks and now has more than 1.2 million followers on Tik-tok and is getting its merch to promote as well!
Check out his videos and soon you’ll be looking forward to hearing the addictive “Chicken leg bis” as he names and tries different dishes followed by chicken drumsticks! It doesn’t end here, the phrase is now a part of the Urban Dictionary as well!

People’s Love for Chicken Leg Pieces:

People are hopping on to the bandwagon and making their own chicken leg piece videos which shows their love for the phrase (and chicken too)!
Although every chicken fan loves different parts of the bird, most of them are in the leg camp because its a very flavoursome, as compared to the other parts and one can never go wrong with it, even if you are trying your hand at cooking for the first time!

The feeling of holding one of those scrumptious marinated leg pieces as you get a bite is second to nothing! Are you craving for some yummy chicken now? Get them surprisingly low prices using countless UberEats coupon codes and UberEats promo codes listed on CashKaro’s page.

UberEats offers several great restaurants you can order from and dig into good ol’ “Chicken Leg Bis”;

Kababs N Roll

Order some delicious Tandoori Chicken from Kababs N Roll and treat your taste buds to juicy chicken at affordable prices using UberEats coupons listed on CashKaro!

Lazeez Kababs & Curries

As the name suggests, this place offers heavenly Chicken Lollipop. If you are a chicken drumstick lover in Delhi then make sure you try their dishes and also avail cashbacks and discounts using UberEats promo codes!

Mughlai Junction

Make use of UberEats promos and order Mughlai Junction’s amazing Chicken Tangri Kebab and you’ll start believing in ‘Love at First Bite’!


Don’t call yourself a Chicken drumstick fan if you haven’t tried Forked’s mouth-watering Chicken Tangri in Delhi! Hurry and order some using UberEats promo codes by CashKaro.

Check out Ulhas Kamathe‘s Tik-tok videos and see for yourself what the hype is about. Comment and tell us in which form do chicken drumsticks make your mouth water and make sure you use the numerous UberEats promo codes and UberEats offers available on CashKaro to get cashback on every order!

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