The best quote I’ve heard about laziness is this one – “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  – Bill Gates. I don’t know if it’s out of laziness or sheer genius, but we have found simpler ways of doing just about everything. Here’s a blast from the past that’ll show you just how many habits we have changed from the 90s to the 00s.

Paperbacks To Metalbacks

While a lot of people will tell you that they need to touch paper in order to get the entire book reading experience, a Kindle or any other digital book reader makes it simpler, and cheaper to read books. What’s better for a book lover to be able to carry around thousands of books in one lightweight, handheld device?


Letters To E-Mail

Since our transition from post boxes to inboxes, receiving actual mails with envelopes and the works is like sighting a unicorn. While we miss the personal touch of letters, emails are much quicker and so much easier to sort through. Plus, think of all the money we save on stamps!


Chalkboards To Smartboards

Children of today will never know the screeching sound of chalk on chalkbards, or the feeling of having the chalk thrown right in the face when you dose off. No, children of today experience Smartboards – nifty contraptions that show presentations and other cool new ways of learning.


Notes To Texts

Speaking of school, remember how we used to pass chits in class and the thrill of tricking the teacher while having a complete waste-paper based conversation? Now, kids can just text each other and be done with the conversation within seconds. Lesser chances of getting caught, y’all!


Photo Albums To Phone Galleries

The bulky photo albums that you might remember from your parent’s closet – their wedding, your first birthday and stuff –have been replaced by the much simpler to carry around photo gallery in your phone. More conveniently, everything is now on the Cloud so you won’t have to deal with lost, torn, yellowed (etc.) photos.


Paper Money To Digital Money

With mobile wallets such as Paytm and Freecharge, along with the ubiquity to pay online for everything from clothes to groceries, paper money is slowly becoming obsolete. The recent Demonetization move in India has pushed us in the right direction towards the much easier #Cashless way of paying and receiving money.


We at are embracing innovation and newer, simpler ways to do things. You too should ask yourself – Is it Time To Change?

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