Tips To Remember While Travelling To Foreign Lands

Travelling abroad is a dream-come-true for many of us. And when we get a chance to explore the overseas, it is wise to secure the best of experiences. Make travelling abroad more fun and much less confusing by following certain tips. Here is how you can make the best of your travels abroad.

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling Abroad

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling Abroad

Documentation And Security

Before travelling anywhere, always ensure that you have original and proper copies of all your identity cards and documents.

Passport And Documents

What all should you do or take along with you?

1. Medical Insurance Policy

Ensure that you have checked the necessary vaccinations with your doctor. Keep a backup of prescribed medication (if any). Make sure to carry first-aid. It is even better to secure an insurance policy that works overseas.

2. Passport And Other Documents

You can carry your original passport in your all-time carry bag along with a few copies of the same in your suitcase. Also, keep a soft copy of your important documents on your personal email ID in case of an emergency. Leave a copy of your passport and other valid documents at home or with someone you trust.

3. Let Your People Know

Register with the embassy of your country. This will ensure that you are safe in the other country and in the case of an emergency, the government can contact you immediately.

Pro Tip: You can also share your real-time location with the ones in your family by using Google’s Location Sharing feature. This feature can be used to share your location for one-hour or for a continuous period of time.

share google map location

Research About The Area You’re Travelling To

4. Know About The Itinerary Well

Research well about your itinerary online or via hardbound guidebooks. This will help understand the culture that you are going to witness. The guidebooks can help gain information about the phrases, important landmarks and the basic language of that place. You can even download a couple of useful apps before travelling.

Pro Tip: Google Maps allow you to retain the route offline. Simply save the area that you’d like to explore right on your phone and access it even when the network is low.

5. Research About The Events


Different places host different events. There is a great chance that the place you are visiting has interesting events lined up for during the time you are there. These events will further make your travel to that place a wonderful experience.

6. Buy Tickets Before-Hand

Knowing when to book your flights and hotels is essential while travelling. Book your tickets in advance not just for the flights and hotels but also for events, if any. This will help avoid any last-moment hassle.

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Pack Smartly

Pack Smartly

7. Travel Light

Whenever you’re packing for a trip abroad, carry your essentials only. Pack your clothes in a more organised way by rolling them instead of keeping them flat out. This will help make space for adding more clothing and essentials without adding another bag.

8. Pack the Liquids Precisely

Oh no, we’re not talking about booze. That is something you are not allowed to carry. If you need to carry essentials like oil, shampoo or conditioner, always seal their neck with a clear film/plastic to avoid them from spilling out.

9. Always Follow the Rules of The Airlines

Checking out the luggage rules of your flight is necessary as every flight operator has a different set of rules. This way, you’ll be more prepared for organising your luggage at the time of check-in.

10. Pack an Extra Set of Clothing

Extra Set of Clothing

Apart from your suitcase full of luggage, ensure that you are carrying a set of extra clothes in your carry-on bag with you. This will help you in case your luggage gets misplaced.

11. Packing Eatables

Many flights do not allow eatables onboard. Check out the rules for that. If they do, you can carry some light snacks in low quantities till you find your ideal hogging spot in the new place.

Essential Electronics

12. Carry Charger Strips


A charger is something that you’ll require day in and day out. Carry your phone charger and camera charger to capture your vacation perfectly. Apart from this, you can also add on to your phone’s roaming capabilities. Carrying too many electronics won’t be of any use. Carry a charger strip or a universal travel adapter charger plug for using different kinds of charging sockets.

Money And Wallets

Money And Wallets

13. Currency Conversion

Before heading to the destination overseas, make sure that you know the conversion rate of that place. Simple maths will help you stay within budget.

14. Carry Cards That Work 

The worst thing that can happen on a vacation abroad is when your Credit/Debit Card does not work. Ensure that your cards work well in the country you’re visiting. Carry multiple options.

15. First Things First


As soon as you reach your destination, look out for an ATM. This will give you some local cash right in your hand.

16. Inform Your Bank Provider

This is necessary as a lot of transactions from a foreign country may seem like a fraud to the bank. This can lead them to turn your card off for security measures. Different banks have a different procedure for registering your travel details with them. You can know about this procedure by talking to the bank’s customer service providers.

17. Check the Price Of Entering/Exiting The Country

Many countries need you to pay for Entry and Exit from the country. These prices are not included in the airline ticket. Get to know about all the rules and regulations that are followed in that country.

Happy Travelling!

Happy Travelling

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