Top 10 Bags By Lavie For The Hip and Smart College Girl

Come July, and the streets would be full of college students making their way to campus gates after a productive summer break. With a new leaf to turn as another year of learning and education comes by, let’s look at the essential items that we carry with us to college – bags. Handbags, backpacks, sling bags and wallets, a college girl’s life is incomplete without these little wonders. So we thought you could use these cool and sturdy handbags by Lavie that are just fantastic by for academic sessions by day and partilicious by night!

#1 Black Large Hobo Bag

This leather handbag has everything that you would look for while selecting your favourite college bag. It’s black, it’s got sturdy leather and it’s designed just perfect to go under your arms. Not to forget how easily it can be zipped up to keep your belongings secure and compact, this bag is an ideal accessory for western casuals or ethnic looks.

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Our Verdict – 5/5

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#2 Silat Beige Large Tote Bag

This sleek leather handbag is light to hold but has enough capacity to hold a few notebooks, regular essentials and a lunch pack. The sleek and compact look of the bag makes it a versatile pick as it compliments a casual jeans-and-top look just as much as a salwar suit. There’s also a sturdy handle that helps you pass through all kinds of crowded public places in a jiffy.

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Our Verdict – 4.5/5

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#3 Maori Yellow Large Satchel Bag

This bag will make you the trendsetter as you step into the university campus in style. Not only would you look cool casual and chic, but you would also love the sturdy yet contemporary built of the bag in a good quality poly-mixed leather material. When you can team this bag with a blue pair of jeans and ruffled sleeves top, you are sure to make heads turn with your girly girl look wherever you go!

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Our Verdict – 4.7/5

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#4 Noir Maroon Medium Satchel Bag

This sexy handbag is for those days when you go to college, not for the classes and the books, but to flaunt your fashionable self. Armed with a maroon leather finish and a buckle leather fusion design, this bag goes well with floral maxi dresses, petite A-line dresses, print shift dresses and denim dresses. What adds more to the look is the rich maroon colour that matches with almost all colours of the palette.


Our Verdict – 4.5/5

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#5 Vela Light Gold Large Tote Bag

A stunner number with enormous space to accommodate all items you need for the day, this bag is for a woman who multi-tasks between campus events, regular classes, group discussions and more. Apart from complimenting sharp ethnic looks and crisp formal wear, this bag will serve for those days when you have impromptu night-outs with your buddies.

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Our Verdict – 4.5/5

*Backpacks From Lavie*

#6 Vogue 1 Turquoise Laptop Backpack

Students in engineering colleges all over the country hustle between different classes, laboratory sessions, important research projects and so much more. They go where their work takes them and such time-testing eventful episodes call for a backpack like this. You can fill it with a few eatables, a water bottle, your laptop and accessories and even a few extra clothes if needed.

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Our Verdict – 4.4/5

#7 Bondy 4 Light Pink Backpack

This bag is colourful, quirky and makes the best accessory for a fresher. Made with top quality mixed leather fabric, these backpacks have about 4 to 5 compartments with adjustable shoulder straps and used for all seasons.

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Our Verdict – 4.7/5

#8 Grey Backpack

This is a casual backpack that youngins prefer to carry for days when there are just 2 classes to attend and you want to catch a movie later. So keep it handy as you would need to carry a water bottle, lunch pack and some other stuff. With these animated prints on the cover, it’s what you need to keep the fun times rolling.

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Our Verdict – 4.5/5

*Wallets By Lavie*

#9  Path Maroon Small Wallet

We all need wallets, one to keep cash in it and at least one other for emergency situations. This cash wallet is a handy pick for its red velvet finish flaunting a crocodile-skin pattern and levelled up with a rare grey exterior.

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Our Verdict – 4/5.

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#10 Lavie Crystal Ocher Wallet

This heavy-duty purse is for women who carry dozens of items right in their one and only purse. Along with 5 compartments and a tough exterior, this purse is highly durable because of its waterproof material and adds a bright touch of yellow to your overalls and maxi-dresses. If you’re still wondering why this has to go straight into your shopping cart, let me tell you that there are 4 pockets, not just the 3 that you see here!

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Our Verdict – 5/5

With Cashback from CashKaro, shopping for bags means a bag full of shopping and a wallet full of cashback. So buckle up, people!


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