Losing weight might be the single most difficult thing to do on the planet. On the bright side, it is also the most rewarding. If you’ve struggled with your weight for years without achieving your goals, we’ve got some help for you. Listed below are Top 10 books (according to us) that will help you reach that goal weight in a healthy, non – fad- diet way.

1. Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

By Rujuta Diwekar

This one’s on tops our list, and for good reason. Diwekar practically introduced the concept of weight loss guided by books to Indian women. It’s an easy to follow guide which will have you eating more than you do now and still losing weight. Sounds like a miracle, right? Not in the least. Read the book to find out her little secret!

Buy it here – Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

2. The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual

By Julie M. Simon

This one really hits the right spot. Right off the bat, it tells you that you don’t overeat because you’re hungry but because you want to feel loved, comforted and emotionally fulfilled. The ‘repair’ part consists of skills and principles that will nurture your mind, body and soul so that you break up with emotional eating once and for all.


3. Women And The Weight Loss Tamasha

By Rujuta Diwekar
The queen of weight loss books does it again with the sequel to Don’t Lose Your Mind. This time, she focuses on the female body and how it might be gaining weight due to factors other than just calories. Flip through the pages and find answers to all your weight loss questions whether you are 12 or 60, suffering from PCOD or Diabetes or just too lazy to eat right and exercise. Apart from the amazing weight loss tips, its candid narrative will pique your interest as well. This one is a must read.


Buy it here: Women And The Weight Loss Tamasha

4. Confessions Of A Serial Dieter

By Kallie Purie
This one is more than just a book of diets and recipes. It is the story of a woman who dealt with obesity all her life, one who fought successfully against the kilos (from 104 to 58 to be precise), it is a memoir of weight lost and a life gained. Purie takes you through her journey episode by episode, anecdote by anecdote, all the while reminding you that the weight is as psychologically taxing as it is physically. A story of victory against weight, the book will amuse you, move you and finally inspire you.

10kalli-purie1Buy it here: Confessions Of A Serial Dieter

5. The Great Indian Diet

By Shilpa Shetty and Luke Coutinho

With Qinoa, Kale and other western weight loss miracles doing the rounds in India, this book is a breath of fresh air as it celebrates locally sourced Indian food. According to Coutinho, an international health expert and Shetty, an ardent follower of the diet, simple Indian food can do wonders for your weight. Forget about juice cleanses and gluten free diets, mom’s home cooked food is all you need. The fit and fabulous Shilpa proves this point marvellously.

512EQc0+jFL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_Buy it here:The Great Indian Diet

6. Work It Out Without A Workout

By  Vesna P. Jacob

The words ‘without a workout’ will appeal to almost everyone with a job that doesn’t let them do or even think about anything else but work. Jacob offers a gleam of hope to people who just cannot find time to work out. She lets you in on little lifestyle changes that can go a long way. She is going to have you exercising at work and in your car. At the end of the day, she’ll have you losing fat without even noticing it. Interesting, right?

17701262Buy it here: Work It Out Without A Workout

7. Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga

By Brandt Bhanu

With Yoga, you not only lose weight, but also achieve a healthy relationship with your body. You begin to understand what it needs to stay healthy and happy. It enhances the power of your mind, body and soul. This is exactly what this book throws light on. It will give you ways to change your life on a day to day basis and help you achieve your goal weight in the healthiest manner possible. This book will become your guide and support system throughout your weight loss journey. You will achieve your goal weight, ideal body and most importantly, peace of mind.41V+Y59XZtL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

8. Always Hungry

By Dr David Ludwig

In this book, renowned endocrinologist Ludwig, breaks down every diet myth you’ve ever heard. He blows traditional diets wide open and tells you why they don’t work. He also gives you insights into what does work. By following his tips, you will be eating high fat foods like nuts and butter and still losing weight. Stop counting calories and start attacking fat cells with this masterpiece. It is a must have if you believe in diet without deprivation.

Always-HungryBuy it here: Always Hungry

9. The Belly Fat Cure: Sugar And Carb Counter

By Jorge Cruise

After losing 40 pounds of belly fat himself, Cruise shares his secret with the world. Amidst a series of books talking about different aspects of the Belly Fat Cure, this one stands out with its easy to grasp tips and tricks. He shows you how to banish your belly fast and forever. Want to get in on the secret?The-Belly-Fat-Cure-Sugar-And-Carb-Counter

Buy it here:The Belly Fat Cure: Sugar And Carb Counter

10. Don’t Diet

By Kavita Devgan

This is yet another book which puts down generic diets and tells you what actually works. It stresses on the importance of developing healthy habits and how exactly to develop them. Check out the 50 Stay-Thin Habits and 50 healthy recipes that will kick start your weight loss process and see it through to the end. Get ready to say hello to a slimmer you!

51Xl6cLPOcL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Sometimes, you need a little nudge to do the right thing. A healthy mind and body could be just a few pages away.

Tell us which one you’re going to buy in the comments

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