We’ve gone through pictures upon pictures of fashion runways and have concluded that this summer’s fashion accessories are about all that is magnanimous and glamorous. From chunky oversized bags to wide and snug wrap belts, minimalistic just isn’t on the list anymore.

If your accessories suddenly feel outdated, fret no more. We’ve got a list of options that you’ll love. Presenting, this season’s must have accessories and where you can get them.

Corset Belts

All the rage if you’ve to give your outfit added structure in the chicest way possible. Bonus: They make you look slimmer!

Corset Belts

1. Add a hint of the military print to an otherwise plain white shirt and trousers combo.

2. It’s sultry all the way with this leather and chain corset belt. Pair with your sexiest dress and be ready for an onslaught of compliments.


Flats meet platforms to create the most comfy yet stylish footwear option that’ll keep you cool this summer. Opt for a sandal or sneaker style according to your OOTD.


3. Open toes, back zipper and lace detail – This flatform has everything we look for in a classy pair of feet candy.

4. These pink textured flatforms are nothing but gorgeous and can be paired perfectly with summer dresses and skirts.

 Mismatched Earrings

They’ve been around for a while and the style doesn’t seem to be fizzling away anytime soon. Take your pick.

Mismatched Earrings

5. The daintiest pair of earrings you’ll ever own. The flower and pearl combo is absolutely dreamy and will go with the classiest of dresses.

6. If you’d rather go semi-grunge, these geometric style earrings will fit the bill perfectly. Pair with just about anything you want!

Oversized Bags

When it comes to this season’s bags, size absolutely does matter. Oversized bags can be the ideal partners who carry all your stuff and never, ever complain.


7. Apart from being effortlessly classy and convenient, this bag is seriously trending with its tassels (More on tassels up ahead).

8. Nothing will please your eyes more than this sea green sling bag this summer (apart from an ice cream, maybe?). Lug this beauty to college and we guarantee that 10 out of ten heads will turn.


We simply had to give this style a special mention due to all the attention it’s been getting by the biggies of fashion. Bags, shoes, earrings, tops – the style can be incorporated with everything.


9. Look pretty in pink with these simple yet striking earrings.

10. This compact sling has the power to upgrade any outfit from a 2 to a 10. Pair it with your LBD and you’re ready to stun at the next night out.

With all these accessories in your arsenal, you’re gonna be nothing short of armed and fabulous!

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