Explore Vellore In All Its Glory!

Vellore is an ancient city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Vellore has been ruled by many princely dynasties over a period of time. Some of these are the Pallavas, the Cholas and the Carnatic empire to name a few. The city is therefore an amalgam of diverse and interesting cultural heritage. The city’s landscape is studded with grand forts, ornate temples as well as natural sites.

Why Go There: History & Heritage | Temples | Natural Beauty
Ideal For: Friends & Family
Things to Bring Back: Textiles and Hosiery articles, jewellery, shoes etc.

Let’s explore the many places to visit in Vellore –

10. Archeological Museum of India

This museum is located inside the Vellore fort. The museum showcases ancient paintings, stone carvings, bronze statues, wooden carvings which are preserved with elaborate information given on each of the display. Coins, pottery, burial urns as well as stone figurines of deities and Jain thirthankaras are some other items on display.

Distance from the City: 1.5 km
Time required: 2-3 hours
Ideal for:  History Buffs
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

9. Punganoor Lake

Punganoor lake is located on the Yelagiri hill and is a popular leisure destination frequented by tourists and locals alike. The lake is surrounded by a park which can be used as a play area by children. Activities like boat rides and pedal boating can be indulged in at the lake.

Distance from the City: 78 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Nature Lovers
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

8. Amirthi Zoological Park

This is a zoo which was opened in 1967. The park is spread across an area of 25 hectares and is adorned with beautiful waterfalls. Tourists can sight animals like deer, mongoose, hedgehog, rhesus monkeys and red headed parrots etc at the park.

Distance from the City: 25 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Wildlife Lovers
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

7. Kaigal Waterfalls

Visit the natural Kaigal waterfall wherein the water cascades down from a height of 40 feet. The falls originate from the Kaigal water stream flowing through the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. These natural waterfalls are nestled amongst dense greenery of forests and are an ideal place for picnic especially during the summers.

Distance from the City: 98 km
Time required: 1 hour
Ideal for:  Everyone
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

6.Vainu Bappa Observatory

Nicknamed as the telescope of the city, the Vainu Bappa Observatory is an astronomical observatory. This observatory is nestled amidst a 100-acre forest. The observatory houses a 93-inch telescope. The observatory has India’s largest optical telescope namely the 2.3 m Vainu Bappu telescope. Other telescopes include the 1.3-meter J.C Bhattacharya telescope, 1m Carl Zeiss Telescope and several small telescopes.

Distance from the City: 76 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Astronomy Enthusiasts
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February


The quaint hill station of Yalagiri is located at a height of 1410 metres. This pristine locale is adorned with green meadows, vast tea estates as well as orchards. Waterbodies like lake and waterfalls further enhance the charm of Yelagiri.

Distance from the City: 93 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Astronomy Enthusiats
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

4.Delhi Gate

The Delhi Gate is an important historical monument which served as an entrance to the 18th century fort built by Daulat Khan Panni, a governor in the Mughal Empire. Multiple historical combats have been fought at this place, the most notable being the Seige of Arcot which was led by Robert Clive, the celebrated British officer.

Distance from the City: 26 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  History Buffs
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

3. Jalakandeswarar Temple

This  temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located inside the Vellore fort complex. The temple showcases exemplary Dravidian style architecture. An intricately carved stone pillar and engravings adorned on temple ceiling are the highlights of the place. Festivals like Chaitra Poornima, Mahashivratri, Vinayaka Chaturthi and other major festivals are celebrated in the temple.

Distance from the City: 1 km
Time required: 2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

2. Srilakshmi Golden Temple

You simply cannot miss  the Srilakshmi Golden temple when on a visit to Vellore. The gold coated architecture is breathtakingly beautiful. The entire temple structure is covered in gold leaf and costs an astounding 65 million US dollars. About 1500 kg of gold was used in the construction. The temple was built across a vast area of 100 acres in 2007 by Vellore based Sri Narayani Peedam.

Distance from the City: 8.3 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

1. Vellore Fort

A visit to Vellore is almost synonymous with visiting the Vellore Fort. This 16th century granite fort is located right in the middle of the Vellore city. The fort is encapsulated by a moat which once served as a breeding place for crocodiles. The fort covers a vast area of 133 acres.

Distance from the City: 1.5 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  History Buffs
Best time to visit: July- September & November – February

Other Attractions of Vellore


  • Arulmigu Balamurugan Ratnagiri Tirukkovil
  • Vallimalai Subramanyar Temple
  • Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple
  • Virinjipuram Temple
  • Sri Navasai Baba Mandir
  • Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple
  • Mahadeva Malai Temple
  • Nemili Sri Bala Peetam
  • Sri Dakshinamurthy Temple
  • Arulmigu Gangaiamman Temple
  • Sri Somanadha Paashaana Lingeswarar Temple


  • Mordhana Dam
  • Palamathi Hills

Things To Do in Vellore –

1. Go for a picnic at Kaigal Waterfalls

You can take a dip in the falls, indulge in photography and have a great time with your friends and family at Kaigal waterfalls especially in the summer season.

2. Explore the Intricate architecture of the magnificent Temples

Vellore is dotted by a number of temples some of which are architectural marvels. Temples like Srilakshmi golden temple should top the itinerary of any travel buff irrespective of his religious beliefs.

3. Learn a thing or two about astronomy at Vainu Bappa Observatory & Kalavur Observatory

Get some lessons in astronomy by visiting Vainu Bappa observatory. Explore the varied telescopes as well as observe the surrounding wildlife from the observatory.

4. Indulge in trekking, paragliding, rock climbing and other adventure activities at Yelagiri

Visit the pristine hill station of Yelagiri and explore adventure activities amidst the flower beds, green meadows, tea plantations and orchards.

5. Go back in history by visiting Delhi Gate and Vellore Fort

Historical monuments especially the Vellore fort should top the list of any travel buff. Walk around the fort, visit the museum housed in the fort complex as well as indulge in boating at the fort premises.

6. Shop at the many stores in Vellore

Though Vellore is certainly not regarded as a shopper’s paradise, but you can shop for textiles and hosiery articles, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc from the many shopping complexes and bazaars of Vellore such as

  • Akchaya complex in Mandi street
  • Sri Amman shopping centre in Gandhi Nagar
  • Arun shopping centre in Sathuvachari
  • Central complex
  • Deva Plaza near DVM Mandapam

7. Savour Local Delicacies!

You can enjoy local South Indian delicacies as well as other cuisines from eating joints such as

  • Andhra Spice
  • Swagath
  • Aunty Mess
  • Hundreds Heritage
  • Saravana Bhavan

How to Reach Vellore

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Airport:

Bengaluru Airport (200 km away)

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Nearest Railway Station:

Vellore Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stops:

Vellore is well connected by road to cities like Tirupati, Chennai and Pondicherry. Both Tamil Nadu state transport buses as well as private travel buses ply regularly on these routes.

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Where to stay

SGRT Residency | Benzz Park | Sri Murugan Residency | Regency Sameera

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Nearby Places to Visit

  • Bangalore (200 km)
  • Chennai (130 km)
  • Pondicherry (135 km)
  • Tirupati (90 km)
  • Thanjavur (240 km)

Hidden Gems

Explore Indian cave paintings by visiting the Armamalai cave located in Malayampattu, Vellore.

Visit the St John’s church which is a small church located near the Vellore fort. Experience calm and peace at the church premises.

CashKaro Recommendation

Vellore is also considered as an educational and medical hub given its tertiary institutions and the very famous Christian Medical College (CMC). If you have some spare time do visit this celebrated institution which attracts students and patients from across the country.

Fun Way To Travel

Vellore is located on the Chennai- Bangalore road and is well connected to all major cities of South India. You can travel by your own car and take suitable halts while travelling by road.

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So plan your trip to Vellore at the earliest and enjoy a refreshing and adventurous break from the everyday routine of work and hustle! Don’t forget to make use of RedBus coupons to earn additional cashback and discounts on every booking and enjoy everything that Vellore has to offer without burning a hole in your pocket!


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