1MG.com is only about 2 years old but has transformed to a one-stop destination for all your healthcare needs. From prescription medicines to nutrient supplements and all types of therapeutic products, 1MG.com has solved many of our regular challenges. With an informative website and all products by leading healthcare manufacturers, it’s got everything you can order without as much hassle as you had to deal with to procure them from your neighbourhood pharmacy. Know the best 10 products you can order seamlessly with the awesomeness of 1MG coupons that offer you maximum savings on your pathway to a better life and a healthier you!

ojoabizwrnqn7t6qyuvsGlucerna SR Powder

A nutritional drink which supplements your diet of its calcium, fibre and reduced carb needs to keep a normal blood sugar level. Glucerna SR is a composite food containing essential omega-3 fats, multivitamins and calcium best suited for patients with impaired glucose tolerance, gestational diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hyperglycaemia.

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s3jraqnccm2ghihldsyaMuscleBlaze Creatine Powder

The energy boosting creatine drinks that can increase nerve and immune cell functioning are now more feasible to make, thanks to MuscleBlaze Creatine Powder now available in 300 grams and 500 grams units in various flavours. It has exclusive endurance and strength-increasing benefits and can be consumed everyday.

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Incredio Shake-a-Meal

A protein + vitamin + fibre concoction, Incredio Shake-a-meal that refurbish protein and fibre in equal proportions for people who’re looking for toughness without consuming fatty foods and also for toning down gradually in a healthy way.

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t9pdjavs96eb9ftipnmpHealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar

Enough said about the multiple benefits of ACV, the best part about this product from HealthKart is its undistilled and underprocessed form containing its organic remnants at the bottom of the bottle. This is the purest ACV concoction that has been derived from fresh Himalayan apples, which keeps away diabetes, flatulence and bloating, and acne. You can opt for the 500 ML bottle or take HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey.

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jtbbnytxynzqidcj2jzhThreptin Diskette

This is a biscuit-like dietary supplement containing solid protein ‘casein’, fit for growing children, pregnant women and people of all age groups who have a habit of eating junk food in between meals. It is meant to provide fibre and protein together in situations where the person is not able to breakdown protein from the regular diet.

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Seven Seas Original Cod LiverSeven Seas Original Cod Liver Oil Capsules Oil Capsules

One of the best multi-nutrient tablets available in the Indian market, this is the best way you can have a healthy level of omega-3, vitamin A and vitamin E that boost heart health, nerve health and skin tissue development respectively. Seven seas original cod liver oil capsules are for children above 12 years of age and adults.

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Garlic Pearls CapsulesGarlic Pearls Capsules

This wonder product by Ranbaxy contains 0.5% garlic oil (w/w) and helps in boosting good cholesterol and regulating blood pressure levels. It is also known for preventing bone problems and rheumatic diseases because of its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting effects. They’re to be consumed with water once or twice in a day. On 1MG.com, you’ll find it as a bottle of 100 capsules.

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HealthKart Ginseng & prd_160295_c_lGingko Biloba

The pain medicine that has been regularly advised for pain of scale 7-10 is a blood vessel mediator that acts by releasing blood slowly in the vicinity of areas that are experiencing pain. The combination of gingko biloba with ginseng increases overall wellbeing by promoting blood flow to the brain. You can buy HealthKart Ginseng & Gingko Biloba tablets exclusively on 1MG.com to get the benefits of these antioxidants.

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HealthViva Actiza

Available in mango, banana, chocolate and vanilla flavours, HealthViva Actiza is specially meant for adults aged above 50 as a combination drink of fruit extracts, soy protein and whey protein form beta-lactoglobulin, and casein along with corn bran and plant fibre. It acts as a nutrient enhancer and assimilator of vitamins and minerals in men and women over 50 years age when digestion rates slow down. Buy this exclusively from 1MG.com in 500 gram and 1 Kg packs.

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With a lieu of benefits like assured deliveries, awesome discounts, and long-term customer care assistance even after completion of order, 1MG undoubtedly is every Indian’s choice when it comes to therapeutic products.

These supplements are not only meant to augment your diet with essential nutrients but also revitalize your well-being in miraculous ways. Take them every day to keep away chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

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