Top 5 Apps to Learn a New Language

Secondary language helps when you travel to an alien country because they say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Learning a new language requires patience & time and the haste we live in, it can be a tedious job to join an institute or hire a coach for the same.

There are some apps through which you can open doors to a new language either for passion or some serious learning. They are:



The app focuses on learning and memorising new words every day. Memrise is one of the editor’s choice apps at the playstore. It has simplified the method of learning a new language by pictures and video clips. Choose the language you want to learn and get started. Start with everyday lesson which consists of 10-15 words with word meaning and audio pronunciation.

Memrise app

Available: Andriod & iOS (free)



Named as one of the best learning apps, Duolingo has over 50 million users. Learn a new language by speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a gamified approach. The app works on the similar ground as Memrise. It has its own in-game currency called Lingots to buy items from Duolingo’s store. The app developers say, ‘ 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a semester of university-level education.’ See it for yourself!


Available: Andriod & iOS (free)



The free version offers 13 languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch with 40 learning classes. The app lessons are crafted by language experts which cover topics like culture, business, and travel. Babble is suitable for people who are at the beginner’s level and also up for those at the advanced level.


Available: Andriod & iOS (free)



Though the app is free but to activate most of its feature, the user has to buy the premium version of $17 a month. Busuu offers 12 languages to learn from. The learning process starts from grasping a single word to a whole dialogue. Busuu also has the listening and audio pronunciation feature for better understanding of words. The highlight is that the user can connect to native speakers. The desktop version lets you even chat with the native speakers in real-time.


Available: Andriod & iOS (free)



As the name suggests, HelloTalk is a messaging app which lets you connect to a native speaker who wants to learn your mother tongue and you want to learn his. It is a dual-way communication platform where the user can communicate via text or audio messages. HelloTalk uses an interface just like other popular messaging apps. There is a correction tool which lets user correct each other’s messages. There are many other features to explore once you download the app.


Available: Andriod & iOS (free)



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