Beaches in Alappuzha: List of Top 5 Beaches in Alappuzha You Need To Visit

Alappuzha aka Alleppey is a quaint little place nestled in central region of Kerala. This small town figures prominently in the maritime history of Kerala. Synonymous with boat races, backwaters and houseboats as well as beaches, Alappuzha is an ideal destination for honeymooners. Besides the scenic locales, Alappuzha is known for marine products and the flourishing coir industry. Alappuzha’s landscape is also dotted with many temples and heritage making it a perfect place to visit for one and all.

Why Go There? Beaches | Backwaters|Houseboats | Temples
Ideal For: Honeymooners | Friends | Family
Trivia: Also referred to as ‘Venice of the East’
Things To Bring Back: Coir products, spices, sandalwood, jasmine and many more items.

Beaches In Alappuzha: List Of 5 Top Beaches In & Around Alappuzha

Beaches in AlappuzhaRegion
Alleppey BeachAlappuzha
Marari BeachMararikulum village, Alappuzha
Andhakaranazhi BeachAndhakaranazhi coastal village, Alappuzha district
Thottappally BeachThottappally village, Alappuzha district
Pathiramanal BeachMuhamma Panchayat, Alappuzha district

Complete Guide To The Best Beaches in Alappuzha

 1. Alleppey Beach – Best Beach in Alappuzha

The Alleppey beach is one of the most prominent  beaches in Alappuzha. This beach is characterized by the 137 year old pier that extends out into the sea. The beach is not only famous in Alappuzha but is known throughout Kerala for its natural scenic beauty. This pristine beach is dotted by dense palm groves giving it the quintessential coastal look. The beauty of the beach is further accentuated by a beautiful garden located on its shores. Visitors can also get to view an ancient lighthouse at the beach.

Distance from City Center: 2.7 km
Best Way to Get There: You can ply by local transport by taking the Cullen road and CCSB road.

Things To Do At Alleppey Beach:

  • Relaxing
  • Having a picnic with friends and family
  • Exploring the celebrated past of Alappuzha by admiring the stretched out pier
  • Visiting lighthouse

2. Marari Beach – Mesmerising Beach in Alappuzha

Marari beach is another lovely beach in Alappuzha district. Located at some distance from Alappuzha, in the picturesque town of Maraikulam, Marari beach is a perfect destination to unwind and relax. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, visitors are sure to get mesmerized by the spectacular sunrise and sunset views that this place offers. You can simply take a stroll with your loved ones and admire the vast expanse of the endless ocean. The Marari beach can be enjoyed more up close by staying at the many holiday resorts and homestay options that lie in proximity to this beach.

Distance From City Center: 11 km
Best Way to Get There: Via NH 66 by following the Alappuzha- Arthunkal- Cherthala route

Things To Do At Marari Beach:

  • Swimming
  • Taking a stroll
  • Viewing the magnificent sunsets and sunrises

3. Andhakaranazhi Beach – White Sand Beach in Alappuzha

The Andhakaranazhi beach is another beach that can be visited in the Alappuzha district. Located off the Kochi-Aleppey road, Andhakaranazhi beach is equidistant from Kochi and Alappuzha. This almost virgin beach is not much inundated with crowds. The water and the white sand are almost pristine for one to take a stroll, especially during the evening hours. You can stay at the many home stay options in the vicinity of the beach as well as savour authentic Kerala cuisine served at the many restaurants dotting the beach’s landscape.

Distance From City Center: 34 km
Best Way to Get There: One can easily travel by road via the NH 66 highway from Alappuzha Central to Andhakaranazhi beach.

Things To do At Andhakaranazhi Beach:

  • Take a stroll during evening hours
  • Enjoy building sand castles out of the pristine white sand
  • Relish authentic local cuisine at the small restaurants in the vicinity
  • Watch magnificent sunsets

4. Thottappally Beach – Alluring Beach in Alappuzha

The Thottappally beach lies in proximity to the Thottappally village in the Alappuzha district. The beach is lined by pine trees stretching from Thottapalli lake on one side to Purrakad harbour on the other end of the spectrum. This beach is characterised by the joining of river in Arabian sea. The sight of backwaters splitting the beach during the monsoons into the Arabian sea is a sight to behold. This beach is also referred to as black beach as the beach is characterised by black soil attributed to the high levels of zircon content. The beach is also famous for its fishing community and ‘Chakara’, a natural phenomenon wherein fishermen get abundant fish and prawn harvesting.

Distance From City Center: 22 km
Best way to get there: You can travel by road via NH 66 to reach Thottappally beach.

Things To Do At Thottappally Beach:

  • Watch the sandbank between the sea and the lake
  • Spend some relaxing time at the tranquil beach
  • Bird watching
  • Watch the fishermen immersed in fishing activities

5. Pathiramanal Beach – Unique Beach in Alappuzha

Pathiramanal is another place that can suffice for a beach in Alappuzha. This bird watcher’s paradise is actually a small island on the backwaters. The Vembanad lake surrounds this island that stretches from Alappuzha to Kochi and the Kayamkulam lake. Also, referred to as ‘Sands of Night’, Pathiramanal houses around 91 local species of birds along with around 50 varieties of migratory birds. One can access this island only by boat. Visitors can add this locale to their itinerary while in the midst of a houseboat ride.

Distance From City Center: 13 km
Best way to get there: You can reach Pathiramanal from Alappuzha either by taking a  1.5 hour boat ride or by taking a half an hour speedboat ride.

Things To Do At Pathiramanal Beach:

  • Bird watching
  • Taking a stroll amidst the dense vegetation



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