Beaches in Diu: Top 5 Undiscovered Beaches in Diu

Diu is a small island situated near Veraval. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, Diu lies in proximity to the state of Gujrat. One of the least populated places in India, Diu is surrounded by beaches all around. Though Diu might not figure prominently as a preferred beach destination but is an ideal option for people looking for some privacy. Diu, however, is a perfect place for adrenaline junkies to enjoy varied water sports and have sumptuous seafood at the many restaurants and cafes dotting the shores of Diu.

Besides the many beaches, Diu is also visited for the Diu Fort which is considered a symbol of Portuguese architecture and heritage. Besides, there is a small yet charming fishing village, ‘Vanakbara’ that can be a perfect add-on to the varied beaches in Diu.

So, the next time you happen to visit Gujrat, do make time and visit the quaint Diu island for some quiet repast.

Why Go There: Beaches, waterfalls, Churches, Heritage Forts

Ideal For: Beach junkies| Honeymooners | Heritage and Architecture lovers

Trivia: Diu is also interchangeably referred to as “Goa of Gujrat”

Things To Bring Back: Seashell Jewelry, Oyster Artefacts, Bamboo Items, leather slippers and more items

List of 5 Top Beaches In  Diu You Should Definitely Visit

Beaches in Diu Region
Nagoa Beach Nagoa Village,Diu
Jallandhar Beach Diu
Chakratirth Beach Diu (South-West)
Gomtimata Beach Diu (West)
Ghoghla Beach Goghla village, Diu


Complete Guide for Best Beaches in Diu

1. Nagoa Beach – Remarkable Beach in Diu

Nagoa is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Diu. This horse shoe shaped beach is home to a unique variety of palm tree by the name ‘Hoka’, which was brought to India by the Portughese. Infact these palm trees can only be found on this beach. The beach offers a plethora of activities to the tourists which range from simply basking in the sun to some really adventurous water sporting activities like jet skiing, surfing and parasailing. All in all, Nagoa is a paradise for all kinds of people wherein you can go to extremes by venturing in adrenaline pumping activities and at the same time simply lie in the sun while being upclose with nature.

Distance from City Centre: 6 kms

Best Way to Get There: Follow airport road to reach Nagoa from Diu by plying by local transport

Things to do at Nagoa Beach

  • Ride a horse
  • Adventure sports
  • Yoga
  • Bask in the sun

2. Jallandhar Beach – Calm Beach in Diu

Jallandhar beach is a calm and pristine beach known more for its religious importance rather than it’s natural environs. Infact, the beach got its name from a shrine of the mythological demon ‘Jallandhar’ located nearby. You can visit the stone carved face of the demon by taking a quick hike to a small hillock. Almost a virgin beach, you can seep in the luxury of solitude while gazing at the horizon through the dense leafy palm silhouettes.

Distance from City Centre: 1 km

Best Way to Get There: You can ply by local transport and travel via Darjiwada road to reach Jallandhar beach.

Things to do at Jallandhar Beach

  • Visit the shrine of mythological demon ‘Jallandhar’.
  • Spend some time in solitude


3. Chakratirth Beach – Picturesque Beach in Diu

The Chakratirth beach is a quiet beach and very apt to visit for those souls seeking some solitude. The beach got its name from a Lord Krishna temple located near the beach. The temple is revered for its mythological significance. The beach is also the home of Diu’s sunset point and you should never miss out on the gorgeous setting sun in the backdrop of azure waters and flaming sky.  Furthermore, there is a small hillock that goes by the name Bhanslo that can be accessed during low tide. There is an Auditorium as well as gardens in the vicinity of the beach that can also be visited.

Distance from City Centre: 2.1 km

Best Way to Get There: You can take I.N.S Khukery road from Diu to reach Chakratirth beach.

Things to do at Chakratirth   Beach

  • Photography
  • Amazing Sunset views
  • Visiting the auditorium and garden

4. Ghoghla Beach – Golden Sand Beach in Diu

Situated in the village of Ghogla, this golden sand beach stretches out into the state of Gujrat. Deemed as the largest beach in Diu, visitors can partake in water sporting activities like parasailing and surfing. Some lucky visitors can also get a glimpse of dolphins close to the shore. The shoreline is dotted with a multitude of beach resorts where one can avail a comfortable accommodation.

Moreover, the landscape of Ghogla beach is so alluring that it has become the most favoured destination for pre-wedding photo shoots.

Distance from City Centre: 5.1 km

Best Way to Get There: You can ply by local transport via NH251 to reach Ghogla beach

Things to do at Ghoghla  Beach

  • Dolphin spotting
  • Water sport activities

5. Gomtimata Beach – White Sand Beach in Diu

This white sand beach is situated to the west of Diu and is easily accessible. Quite a popular destination for travelers, Gomtimata beach is a serene beach wherein visitors can spend some time in its quiet environment and enjoy the perennial rolling waves. Travelers can also the cathedrals, fortresses that lie in the vicinity of the beach.

Distance from City Centre: 13 km

Best Way to Get There: Travel to Gomtimata beach by taking the Vanakbara rd from Diu

Things to do at Gomtimata Beach

  • Take a dip in turquoise waters
  • Sun bathe
  • Play Beach volleyball

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