Top 5 Gluten Free Food Items to Order from Swiggy

gluten free peanut butter on bigbasket

Have you grown up listening to how unhealthy restaurant food is?

Do you live under the impression that food ordered online will make you gain weight?

Or, is the fear of all that fat and gluten stopping you from treating yourself with good food?

Well, say that no more!

We are here to tell you how you don’t have to give up on your desire to eat good food and maintain a good health simultaneously. As Swiggy offers gluten free food items, you can now have your lazy, no-cooking day and still have healthy food. Wait, there is more! You can also save on these orders now by using Swiggy promo code and Swiggy Coupon codes.

Here are our top 5 picks.

Gluten Free Pasta



Gluten free?

Yes, you read it right!

Now, you just have to pick the restaurant you want to have pasta from and forget about the gluttony. With Swiggy coupons, you don’t even have to worry about the hole that expensive food can burn in your pocket as you can save and devour!

Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse, yayy!

Weight gain, nayy?

Well, with Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Mousse on Swiggy, you don’t have to watch the calories and enjoy a sumptuous chocolate mousse. Isn’t it amazing? What is more amazing, is the Swiggy coupon code that can also help you save.

Japanese Wheat Noodles Gluten Free

Our mothers hated it when we cribbed for noodles as kids. We always got an earful of why noodles are bad for us. Well, these gluten free noodles will make your mother and taste buds happy. On top of that, with the attractive Swiggy promo code, you can also keep your wallet happy.

Gluten Free Chicken Breast

The goodness of chicken breast now comes in a gluten free variant as Swiggy offers various restaurants that can deliver it right at your doorstep so that the supply of good food never gets hampered.

Gluten Free Choc Almond Pastry

Another dessert that is neither heavy for your calorie count nor for your pocket, all thanks to the Swiggy coupons and gluten free food that it offers.

Now that you know our secret to a lazy and healthy weekend, it’s time to shed some childhood beliefs and devour the tasty food from Swiggy delivery app. Don’t forget to avail Swiggy coupons for existing users and new users from CashKaro.

What are you waiting for?

Get, set, eat!


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