Top 5 Muscle Gain Supplements Simplified!

When it comes to supplementation for muscle building, it’s easy to get baffled. The sheer volume of the search results that come up when you Google the term ‘supplements’ can confuse you into giving up on the idea of supplementation altogether. Today, we break down the top 5 bodybuilding supplements so that you can choose wisely and gain quickly.


Whey Protein

What is it?

  • It is a protein that comes from milk
  • It contains 9 essential amino acids
  • It comes in 3 variants – Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolized Whey.


  • It suppresses hunger so you can avoid the binge eating and regret cycle.
  • It boosts metabolism so your body stays on its toes and keeps burning fat throughout the day.
  • It increases lean tissue mass so you gain at a rapid rate

Whey is all the rage among bodybuilders and for all the right reasons. Using it in small doses is recommended so as to avoid any side effects.

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What is it?

  • It occurs naturally in the body and is considered a non-essential amino acid.
  • It enters the body when we consume protein rich foods such as poultry.
  • It directly effects the levels of carnosine in the body, a peptide in the body which controls the fatigue we feel while working out.


  • It delays muscle fatigue during exercise, thereby improving muscle performance.
  • It increases your level of endurance so you can indulge in high intensity exercise for longer periods of time.

Beta-Alanine is quickly becoming a very popular supplement for muscle building owing to its role in increasing the longevity of exercise. For best results, consume it pre-workout every day.

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What is it?

  • It is an amino acid which makes up over 61% of our skeletal muscles.
  • It is greatly depleted while we work out leading to fatigue, reduced stamina and delayed muscle recovery post exercise. This is why there is a dire need for supplementation.


  • Apart from muscle gain, Glutamine helps maintain your body while you work out. By keeping your immunity and strength intact, it will keep you away from disease and weakness.
  • It significantly increases growth hormone levels.
  • It is good for your gut.
  • Helps increase the intensity of your workout.

With negligible side effects and abundant benefits, Glutamine can be used not only by bodybuilders but also casual exercisers to remain healthy.

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What is it?

  • It is a naturally occurring metabolite found in the skeletal muscle tissue.
  • A creatine monohydrate has been produced for supplementation purposes.
  • It is used for the production of cellular energy


  • It increases lean body mass
  • It helps your muscles recover quickly after a workout.
  • Increases muscle performance so muscle mass is increased at a rapid pace.

While some athletes forego creatine supplementation as it is abundantly produced in the body, others swear by it for its endless list of benefits and practically no side effects.

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Bonus Tip: Whey, Creatine and Glutamine can be combined to form The Big Three of Muscle Building. Together, they speed up the bulking up process and keep your body in top shape.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

What is it?

  • 3 of the key amino acids in the body combine to make BCAAs. These include – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Together these three are in charge of protein metabolism in the body.
  • They provide a reservoir of energy in the body which can make up for the energy and nutrients lost during high intensity exercise.


  • Promotes muscle recovery post workouts
  • It reduces the pain that is caused during and after intense exercise

BCAA supplementation is ideal for prolonged workouts such as swimming or hiking. It keeps the muscles fuelled and the body active.

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Now that you know the facts, choosing the right supplement will be a piece of cake (fat free, ofcourse). Go ahead and flaunt that ripped body!

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