Malaysia is one place where you can experience Asia at its best. The efficient mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures make Malaysia an unique and interesting experience. The wonderful landscape of the Asian country is a blend of beautiful natural places and vibrant cities.

There are stunning islands, luxury resorts and colonial towns in Malaysia that are perfect for tourists to visit. Here are the Top 5 Places to Visit in Malaysia if you are planning a visit to the country.

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

1. Cameron Highlands


One of the extensive and beautiful hill stations in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands was developed by the British in the 1920s. People of different ethnic groups live in harmony in this place. The perfectly laid trails are easy to navigate through.

There are forests, waterfalls and other amazing spots in the Cameron Highlands. The tea plantations are a real treat to the eyes. Visit the tea factory to see how tea is picked, processed and packed for use.

2. Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Tower

Once the tallest towers in the world, Petronas Twin Towers stand high in Kuala Lumpur – the capital city of Malaysia. The 88-foot large towers were constructed of concrete, glass and resembles some Islamic art.

There is a sky bridge between the twin towers on the 41st and 42nd floors. You can book uber cabs to have discounted rides through the capital city of Malaysia.

3. Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Island

The Perhentian Islands is a little far from the Thai border. For budget travellers this is a good place to relax and have fun. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there are spots for adventure sports like surfing and diving.

The white sandy beaches and the beautiful turquoise sea go hand in hand. One can also spot different types of fishes in this place.

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4. Langkawi


Considered by many as the best holiday destination in Malaysia, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands. Located in the Andaman Sea, the beautiful vacation spot is long and has white beaches with crystal clear waters.

There are also jungles in the interior with hills and rough peaks. The most popular beaches in the place are found on the west coast and they have a wide choice of restaurants and eateries. Get International flight offers using makemytrip coupons to avail huge discounts.

5. Mulu Caves


A place that is located in the Gunung Mulu National Park, Mulu Caves are incredible to look at. They are inside a mountainous equatorial rainforest with some stunning underground passes.

The Sarawak Cave Chamber located inside this cave is the largest cave chamber in the world. There are a large number of Wrinkle-lipped bats that can be found in this place as well.

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