Top 5 Sponge Scrubs for Effective Cleaning

Sponge Scrubs

Sponge scrubs are great for removing grease and stains from kitchen utensils. They work well on regular utensils as well as on fancy, delicate cookware. These scrubs are made of smooth material and glide through pots, pans and other utensils without leaving scratches. They have a high absorbing capacity and can soak soapy water to provide ample foam for cleaning utensils. They’re also effective in cleaning residue from burnt pans and woks. Check out some of the best sponge scrub recommendations from our list.

Top 5 Sponge Scrubs

1. Scotch Brite

The Scotch Brite sponge scrub cleans tough stains with a single swipe. It is tough on the stains but gentle on hands; it cushions the fingers against scratches and scrapings. It gives rich lather that helps remove stains and dirt effortlessly. Even after multiple uses, it doesn’t shed, de-laminate or break its thread. This sponge scrub is suitable for cleaning stainless steel utensils, pots, pans and other cookware range.

Unique Bowtie Shape

Its bowtie shape offers superior grip and control.

Editor’s Choice

2. Spotzero Sponge Scrub

Made of special nylon fibers, this sponge scrubber is quite flexible and durable. The alox pad is uniform and gives you a lasting performance. It has high absorbency and gives good foam even with small quantities of the dishwashing soap. It is a high-efficient scrub that is also easy to clean. Can be simply washed under tap water by gently scrubbing with fingers.

Anti-Bacterial Layer

It is infused with the power of blue antibacterial scrubbing layer that keeps bacterial developments away.

Popular Choice

3. Brite Guard Sponge Scrub

The Brite Guard sponge scrub is simply perfect for aggressive cleaning. These scrub pads are designed ergonomically to be used from both sides. They can sustain the daily wear and tear pretty well. The lofty open sheets of the pads are made from high tensile polyester, which is bonded firmly to absorb and retain all the soapy water. After use, it can be readily cleaned under the running water, dried and left for reuse. It gives best results when applied on glass and ceramic utensils.

Clog Free Pads

This sponge is non-clogging, which means no food bits and residues are collected in the sponge pad.

Next Best

4. Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Sponge Scrub

This combo by Scotch Brite contains two non-scratch sponges and three large scrub pads. It comes with a stain cutter technology that evenly distributes the axon particles and cleans tough stains with little water. Based on the intensity of the stains, this sponge scrub can be used on both sides. The unique wave design helps to provide a better grip at the time of cleaning utensils. The scrub pads are made from superior fiber quality that perfectly cleans the abrasive stains.

Gentle Cleaning

It has a non-woven crimped web on one side that is perfect for gentle cleaning of non-stick pans, delicate cookware and glassware.

Premium Choice

5. Namaskaram

This scrub pad has a high-quality design and comes in a multi-coloured pack of 6 cleaning pads in vibrant colours. Designed with antibacterial technology, this cleaning pad is made of polyester and polyurethane and is flexible enough to offer efficient cleaning. It does not contain any metal and is a rust-proof product. Moreover, this non-toxic cleaning pad can be used for cleaning kitchen tiles, bathroom, and washbasins.

Scratch Proof

This cleaning pad offers scratch proof cleaning and easy rinsing without any damage to the kitchenware and surfaces.

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