Each time you visit the Freshmenu page, you will see a colorful array of dishes that are as delicious to look at as they are to devour. But right next to the pictures, you will see something equally delightful, the amazingly low prices! Which foodie can say no to low priced deliciousness? Not us!

So, for all the foodies out there, here are some amazing dishes that will satisfy your tummy and your wallet.

Penne Alfredo

A hearty pasta dish laden with melted cheese and the freshest veggies, this pasta can put your fancy five-star pastas to shame. An absolute classic, this white sauce pasta comes with zucchini, peppers, parmesan and a drizzle of basil.


We give it an 8/10Freshmenu gives it at Rs 129

Cheese Loaded Chicken Popcorn

‘Chicken – good, Tomato salsa – good, Cheese – GOOOOD!’ This is how we feel about this sinful plate of gooey awesomeness. The crisp chicken texture against the smooth melted cheddar reminds us of everything that is good in the world.

Chicken Popcorn

We give it a 10/10Freshmenu gives it at Rs 180

Paneer Makhani Hot Pot

For the lovers of all things Indian, here’s a steaming bowl of rice topped with a paneer steak all bathed in thick tomato sauce. Add to the deliciousness with a golden crisp vegetable cutlet for a Freshmenu twist on a signature dish.


We give it a 9/10. Freshmenu gives it at Rs 129

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Speaking of sweets, up next are desserts that we love, at prices that make our hearts flutter.

Mint Chocolate Pastry

If you haven’t experienced the magic that mint and chocolate weave when they get together, here’s your big chance. The chocolate cake slice is layered with pure mint cream and topped with more chocolate making this hard to say no to.

Mint Chocolate

We give it a 10/10Freshmenu gives it at Rs 70

Oreo Lava Cake

Have you ever felt decadence in all its glory? Trust us, it’s right here in this jar. Rich, gooey and moist don’t even begin to describe the satiating molten chocolate and cookies that this dessert has to offer.

Choco Lava

We give it an 11/10 (Seriously, order this now!)Freshmenu gives it at Rs 90

Choco Duet Mousse

With white chocolate at the bottom and dark chocolate at the top, this mousse goes down real smooth. Plus, the chocochips on top make it completely to die for.

Choco Mousse

We give it a 10/10. Freshmenu gives it at Rs 60

So now you see why we can’t stop raving about Freshmenu, right? Are you ordering already, coz we are!

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