Save yourself a trip to the salon and treat yourself to a spa day at home! Check out these amazing hair removal creams which leave your skin softer than ever.

1. Anne French Tender Care Crème Hair Remover

Anne French Tender Care contains shea butter and leaves your skin smooth and soft. It removes hair within 5-7 minutes which comes with an applicator and a sponge which makes it very easy to use.

2. Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream

Fem Anto Darkening Hair Removal Cream is made for sensitive skin. It comes with a rubber tipped spatula which makes it easy to apply. It also comes with a post-removal moisturiser which contains jojoba oil to give you a smooth finish. It has a pleasant rose fragrance giving you a great experience.

3. Veet

Veet is on one of the most popular hairs removal creams. It contains vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter. It thoroughly moisturises your skin and ensures conditioning. It comes with a spatula for hassle-free application. Veet Products are available in a tube pack with three sizes.

4. Natures Essence Soft Touch Gold

Natures Essence Soft Touch Gold Hair removal cream contains aroma oils for a soft and radiant looking skin. It also has antiseptic properties along with almond oil, olive oil and gold dust. It removes even the tiniest hair within 5 minutes.

5. Oxy Herbal Hair Removal Cream

Oxy Herbal Hair Removal Cream contains fruit extracts. Along with hair removal, it also de-tans the skin. Oxy Herbal has the goodness of orange, apple, bearberry, rose and sandalwood extracts. They lighten dark spots and the cream also cleanses the skin.

6. Olivia Hair Removing Cream

Olivia Hair Removing Cream contains aloe vera and lemon. It gives a smooth and non-greasy finish and is an anti-inflammatory which makes it suitable for every skin type. Since it has lemon extracts, it helps in reducing marks and blemishes.

7. Jolen Cream Hair Remover

Jolen Cream Hair Remover contains shea butter and olive oil. It removes hair from the surface and keeps the skin soft and works in just 5 minutes. The different variants include rose, sandalwood and strawberry.

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