It’s the 21st century and we’re always on a run. Lifestyle changes have made even the youth prone to topical pains. If you’re experiencing any kind of joint or muscle pain, check out these 6 best pain relief sprays.

Pain Relief Sprays In India – Top Brands

1. Moov

Reckitt Benckiser Group, a British multinational consumer goods company owns Moov. Moov was launched in 1986. Their sprays provide instant relief from topical pains. Along with Moov sprays, ointments are also available.

2. Volini

Volini is manufactured by of Ranbaxy laboratories since 1994. The product is available in two variants- gels and sprays. It has introduced a new range which uses natural ingredients. Volini can be used for most topical pains.

3. Deep Heat

The Mentholatum Company, Inc owns Deep Heat and was founded in 1889. It manufactures health care products which are not prescribed like different variants including pain relief creams, sprays and patches and roll on lotions.  It relieves muscular pain by giving a warm relief.

4. Relispray

Relispray hit the markets in 1986 that was Dr Brijbandhu Gupta’s vision. Relispray offers different variants for warm and cool actions which are best suited for joint and muscle pains.

5. Amrutanjan

Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company. It was established in 1893 by Kasinadhuni Nageswara Rao. In the pain relief category, Amrutanjan creates sprays as well as balms.

6. Himani

The Emami Group owns the Himani brand. Their product range includes FMCG, real estate, retail, cement and healthcare. Emami’s Himani Fast Relief has herbal ingredients which bring relief to the painful region.

7. Omni

Omni is owned by Cipla, a leading global pharmaceutical company in India. It was founded by Dr K. A. Hamied and is sold worldwide. They make pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products. Omni spray is used to bring relief to back pain, muscle strains, joint pain and more.


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