Top Activities on BookMyShow Bangalore

Activires in Bangalore on BookMyShow

The City of Gardens is an extremely eclectic one, with the hustle going through the night. The place is filled with fun activities for people of all ages. You’ll never be bored in Bangalore, especially with a bunch of friends. There are always some sort of shows happening, or an event with which you can occupy yourself.

Even if you think you’re out of stuff to do, all you need to do is check BookMyShow. You can find tons of activities listed there, for which you can even buy tickets online. Use BookMyShow offers from CashKaro to get yourself and your friends some tickets and have an activity-filled weekend.

Skandagiri Sunrise Trek by Namma Trip

If you’re an outdoorsy person looking for any opportunity to get out of the house, this is perfect for you. This trek lasting for 12 hours, will have you starting at 10 pm from Bangalore, so you can see the sunrise from the mountain tops. The trek distance is 8km – 8 km of beautiful wildlife and fresh air. You can book this trek for you and your friends on BookMyShow using BookMyShow coupons.

Kinvah Wine Tour

Do you like your wine and cheese, if so, make sure to check this tour out. You will be pampered with the best wine produced in-house. You can participate in fun activities like wine tasting, grape stomping, a tour of the wine factory and you’ll even get to see the vineyard. Get yourself to the factory with BookMyShow promo code.

Las Vegas 2020

Work ahead and get yourself on the invite list of this New Years Party. Hosted in the best 5-star hotels of Bangalore, Las Vegas is back for its 10th edition. By now, they’ve really nailed this ‘throwing a party’ thing and you can really enjoy yourself here if you’re a ‘party-person’. Book tickets using BookMyShow coupon codes & BookMyShow offers for extra discounts.

Play Arena Adventure Package

Perfect for people of all ages, and there’s fun stuff for everyone. This package includes cool new things like 10m Air Rifle and Archery. Bring out the kid in you by participating in all the fun activities on the list. Book it now with BookMyShow coupons.

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