Alan Rickman is dead- reading this news left me shocked for a whole minute as I tried to grasp the magnitude of what this meant. I am a die hard Potterhead and the first thought that crossed my mind like million others was that Professor Snape is dead! Alan Rickman has been one of the most popular names in British cinema and his genius goes well beyond the Potter Universe.  He became the villain much before he became the villain and we loved him for it. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 69.

Here’s paying homage to a beautiful actor who truly defined cinema:

Hans Gruber- Die Hard

It comes as a surprise that Alan almost turned down the role which gained so much mass hysteria and fan following. Alan Rickman redefined being the bad guy with this one role as he portrays the role of a cunning and calculative nemesis with brilliant suave in a double bass voice we all came to love. The script and outlining of the characters is what caught Alan’s attention and we’re all thankful to him for giving us a character as manipulative as Hans Gruber!


The Sheriff of Nottingham- Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Alan Rickman once again donned the robes of the bad guy which got him a Bafta win for the best supporting actor but his portrayal of The Sheriff surely helped him become the most bad-ass guy in the business. Only he could make a silly line like “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon” send chills down your spine. This sums up his acting caliber for sure! Bring home DVD’s of this class apart actor with Paytm movie coupons to forever hold his legacy close to your heart.


Judge Turpin- Sweeney Todd

Who could have thought a man with such a distinguishable bass voice actually had some serious singing chops as well? Alan won our hearts with yet another villainous portrayal of Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd but this time the cherry on the cake was surely him breaking into a song. Alan really was an actor who’s talents knew no bounds!


Severus Snape- Harry Potter Series

Professor Snape-the Half Blood Prince- a character with cold dark eyes, sallow skin, a hooked nose and long greasy hair. One could have hardly thought Alan Rickman would fit the part but now no one else could have done justice to one of the most iconic characters in literally genre. Alan won hearts the world over by playing the double agent Snape who you can’t help loath and love at the same time. For Harry Potter lovers, he will be Professor Snape- always! If things are getting too sad, cheer yourself up with pvr cinema coupons and distract yourself for a while with an enjoyable film experience.


Alan Rickman redefined the role of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series. It will be sad to see him not being a part of the cast in the upcoming Harry Potter and The Cursed Child movie. Use movie ticket booking offers to get instant discounts on movie bookings for the next Harry Potter movie releasing in 2018.

Jamie- Truly Madly Deeply

Up until now, Rickman was viewed as someone only capable of being a villain and most of his nonvillainous roles had limited screen time but with Truly Madly Deeply, Alan proves he can also play the lead and carry the film on his shoulders with extreme fluidity. In Truly Madly Deeply, Alan plays the role of a man who dies but starts reappearing to his girlfriend who’s distraught with grief. The movie has an element of ambiguity but the ending surely leaves you in tears.


These roles surely prove that the world has lost a true gem of an actor and this void can never be replaced.


Alan Rickman (1946- Always).

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