Beaches in Kollam: Top 8 Alluring Beaches You Probably Haven't Visited!

If it is a beach holiday that you desire, then Kollam, a district in South Kerala, situated on India’s Malabar coast can be a worthwhile option to explore. Formerly known as ‘Quilon’, this ancient port city is adorned with a lengthy shoreline and pristine backwaters. The picturesque Kollam district is strewn with many beaches that you can visit as per your itinerary. If you are falling short on time, then Kollam beach which is situated in the heart of the city can be surely visited. Moreover, ‘Thangasseri’ and ‘Thirumullavaram’ are some other beaches lying in proximity to the city, that can be reconnoitered. However, if you are really keen on a beach holiday and want to explore more water bodies, then the below-mentioned beaches can surely suffice.

Why Go There: Beaches | Backwaters

Ideal For: Beach junkies| Honeymooners | Friends & Family

Trivia: Kollam is also referred to as the ‘Cashew Capital of the World’.

A bus named Olympics that plies daily in and around Kollam was owned by an Olympian for several years.

Things To Bring Back: Cashewnut, Sandalwood statues, Kathakali showpieces and many such items.

List of Top 8 Beaches In & Around Kollam

Beaches in Kollam Region
Kollam Beach Kollam
Varkala (Papanasum) Beach Trivandrum district
Thangassery Beach Thangassery village
Paravoor (Kappil) Beach Paravoor
Mundakkal Beach Mundakkal
Thirumullavaram Beach Thirumullavaram village, Kollam
Eravipuram – Kakkathoppe beach Kollam
Azheekal Beach Karunagapally


Complete Guide for Best Beaches in Kollam

1. Kollam Beach – Most Popular Beach in Kollam

Kollam beach aka Mahatma Gandhi beach (M.G beach) lies in proximity to the Kollam city centre. It is one of the few beaches in Kerala that has a lifeguard outpost. Kollam beach is adorned with a beautifully laid out world class park named as the ‘Mahatma Gandhi Park’ and walking tracks making it a popular destination for taking strolls. Also, Kollam is known as the foremost ‘Beach Wedding Destination’ in Kerala. So, the next time you are in South Kerala, get enchanted by the alluring visuals of the Arabian sea while indulging in a plethora of beach activities at Kollam beach.

Distance from City Centre: 5.4 kms

Best Way to Get There: You can ply by local transport via Chemmanmukku railway station road

Things to do at Kollam Beach

  • Take morning and evening walks on the walking tracks
  • Get a glimpse of Chinese fishing nets and Chinese water pots
  • Explore the world famous ‘Mahatma Gandhi Park’

2. Varkala (Papanasum) Beach – Alluring Beach Near Kolam

Varkala is an ideal beach destination that one can explore in South Kerala. If you are short on time, then probably Varkala can be the only beach that you should visit while skipping most of the rest beach places. Though located in the Trivandrum district, Varkala beach lies in proximity to Kollam district. The cenozoic sedimentary cliffs towering alongside the beach shoreline form the major highlight of the beach. The great lookouts, the fine sandy beach and the imposing cliffs together form an alluring and uplifting experience.

Distance from City Centre: 28 km

Best Way to Get There: You can ride by local transport or travel by your own car via Neendakara – Chinnakkada road.

Things to do at Varkala Beach

  • Watersporting activities like parasailing and paragliding
  • Relax in the fine sandy beach
  • Visit the Kappil lake nearby
  • Explore the lighthouses in the vicinity


3. Thangassery Beach – Beautiful Beach in Kollam

Located in the Thangassery village, an erstwhile settlement place for the British, the Dutch and the Portughese, Thangassery is a lovely picture postcard beach lying about 5 km from Kollam. The silver hued sands, the coconut palm grooves and a towering lighthouse in the backdrop is a sight to behold. This lighthouse which was built as a navigation support for sailors and fishermen and be visited to get a bird’s eye view of the sea and the shore.

Distance from City Centre: 7 km

Best Way to Get There: Ply by bus or taxi via Bharanikavu – Kollam Rd/Kollam – Thirumangalam Rd/Kottarakkara – Kollam Rd and Thangassery-Beach Coastal Rd

Things to do at Thangassery Beach:

  • Visit the lighthouse (opening hours: 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm)
  • Visit the fort and other heritage ruins located closeby
  • Watersports such as deep sea fishing, scuba diving, catamaran riding
  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing

4. Paravoor (Kappil) Beach – Serene Beach Near Kollam

Paravoor is beach-backwater area, located about 20 kms from the Kollam town. A small stretch of land divides the lake and the sea. The backwater pours into the sea at Pozhikkara in Paravoor. Amongst the less crowded beaches of Kollam, the Paravoor is a tranquil and clean beach. Simultaneously enjoying the sea views along the lake views is the highlight of this place.

Distance from City Centre: 17 km

Best Way to Get There: Travel via the Neendakara – Chinnakkada road from Kollam to reach Paravoor

Things to do at Paravoor Beach:

  • Enjoy the majesty of the strong currents of the sea
  • Enjoy the lake view
  • Sit and relax by the shoreline


5. Mundakkal Beach – Famous Beach in Kollam

One of the popular beaches in the Kollam district, the beach is located in  Mundakkal, an important cashew processing destination in the Kollam district. Mundakkal became more famous as a tourist destination when ‘Hansitha’, the dredger ship washed on its shores in June, 2016. The beach is also referred to as ‘Mundakkal Papanasham Beach’. Devotees believe that a dip in the waters of the beach are said to rid oneself of all the sins in one’s life. Moreover, thousands of devotees throng the shorelines of the beach for performing the annual ‘balitharpanam’ ritual which is performed on the new moon day of Karkidakom (Malayalam month).

Distance from City Centre: 5 km

Best Way to Get There: Travel to Mundakkal beach via the Chemmanmukku railway station road

Things to do at Mundakkal Beach:

  • Marveling at the remains of the dredger ship ‘Hansitha’.
  • Performing the Balithapanam ritual
  • Relishing and buying cashewnuts from Mundakkal town


6. Thirumullavaram Beach – Beautiful Beach in Kollam

The twin beach of Thirumullavaram lies in the Kollam district. The beach adorned with coconut palm grooves and gentle waves making a beeline at the shores is a simply breath-taking. There is an ancient Lord Vishnu temple where ‘Karkidaka Vavubali’ the famous ritual is performed by throngs of devotees. ‘Njarazhcha Para’, a water hillock which is visible during low tides is another attraction of the beach.

Distance from City Centre: 8.5 km

Best Way to Get There: Travel via the Ashramam road

Things to do at Thirumullavaram Beach:

  • Visiting the Lord Vishnu temple
  • Partaking in the ‘Karkidaka Vavubali’ ritual
  • Visiting the water hillock

7. Eravipuram – Kakkathoppe beach

This is a small beach strip that runs in parallel to the Kollam – Eravipuram beach road. However, the sea has encroached some part of the shoreline which has now diminished gradually over many years. When the sea turns rough, it threatens to wash away some part of Kakkathoppe beach, a phenomenon which was witnessed in the monsoons in 2013. Residents of the area attribute this to the dredging work in progress at the Tangassery harbour to house the cargo ships.

Distance from City Centre: 4 km

Best Way to Get There: Ply by local transport such as buses via the Kollam – Eravipuram beach road to reach this beach.

Things to do at Eravipuram – Kakkathoppe Beach:

  • Gaze at the wild currents lashing out at the shoreline


8. Azheekal Beach – White Sand Beach Near Kollam

Located on the Karunagapally side of Kollam district, Azheekal is a narrow stretch of land surrounded by water on all sides. Infact, it was Azheekal which bore the maximum damage during the Tsunami of 2005. The most virgin of beaches on the coast of Arabian sea, Azheekal beach is a white sand beach where stupendous views of the sunsets can be enjoyed. The varied small islands close to the beach filled with Mangrove forests are major attractions.

 Distance from City Centre: 41 km

Best Way to Get There: Travel via Bharanikavu – Kollam road to reach Azheekal beach.

Can be reached via the Panikkar Kadavu Bridge or Kallum moottil kadavu Bridge from Karunagappally town.

Things To Do at Azheekal Beach

  • Enjoy sunsets
  • Flying kites
  • Visit Azheekal fishing harbour

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