This winter season, wrap yourself into a blanket and read some of the most influential biographies of all times! See the world through the eyes of some of the most famous people around the globe and learn a thing or two about the success, happiness and the world. Flipkart offers a list of biographies that are a must read and can be bought at unbelievably low prices using Flipkart coupons available on CashKaro!

Notes of a Dream

The biography talks about the music maestro, A.R. Rahman, the winner of awards like the Oscars, and his belief in hope, perseverance and positivity. The book throws light on the ups and downs he faced in his journey from composing jingles while pursuing his passion to create something new with technology and good-old fashioned music scores to starting his own music school. You can get this biography at low prices using Flipkart discount codes listed on CashKaro.

A Beautiful Mind

The biography by Sylvia Nasar explores the different phases of the life of Nobel-prize winning economist, John Nash and gives a brief yet understandable account of his mathematical ideas and genius. It also talks about some famous eccentric Princetonians like Hubert Alyea, Ralph Nader as it covers his years at Princeton and MIT and ends with him receiving the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. Get this book from Flipkart and get cashback from CashKaro by using Flipkart coupons!

Mozart: A Life

Peter Gay does the impossible by summing up the entire life of a music maestro in just 160 pages! The book digs into the nature and mind of this musical genius, how politics and society influenced his life and debunks some of the myths surrounding Mozart’s life. Buy this informative and brief biography on Flipkart today!


The book explores the ideologies and beliefs of Gandhi, the man who inspired a million lives during the British Raj. In a world where violence was the easiest way out, he guided others to seek refuge in truth and non-violence. From shunning caste and gender discrimination, to his work in South Africa, the book covers his life journey through the eyes of his contemporaries. Get to know more by reading this biography by Guha Ramachandra and save more using Flipkart offers and upcoming sales!

Leonardo Da Vinci

The list would have been incomplete without mentioning this biography written by Walter Isaacson, former editor of the Time, and author of the biographies of Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin. The book not only talks about his famous artworks but also brings into light the genius who taught himself everything that made him famous! Talking about his love for studying things like giant crossbows, heart, geology and much more, the book walks us through the life of one of the smartest humans that ever lived.

Get these and many more inspiring biographies at pocket-friendly prices on Flipkart in the upcoming sales and use Flipkart coupons and offers provided by CashKaro to get cashback on every order.


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