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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you shouldn’t skip it. But, in today’s generation, people barely have the time to get ready in the morning for work, so it is very difficult to find the time to prepare a proper breakfast for themselves. Then, what’s the solution, you ask? Two words – breakfast cereals.

Breakfast cereals are quick to make – just throw in some milk and some cereal into a bowl and voilà, you’ve got yourself a yummy, filling breakfast! Here are the top breakfast cereal brands whose products Grofers offers:


Kellogg’s is an American brand offering a wide variety of breakfast cereals like Corn Flakes, Chocos, Oats, Muesli, Special K, All Bran and Crunchy Granola. There are a lot of variants within these sub-categories. Kellogg’s Chocos are all-time favourite for kids and come in variants like Moons and Stars, Crunchy Bites, Duet etc.


Soulfull is an Indian brand which offers millet-based breakfast cereals in tasty variants so that kids can enjoy them too. Some of their products are Ragi Bites Choco Fills, Crunchy Millet Muesli and Ragi Flakes. Buy the different variants of these products with Grofers coupons to get cashbacks.


Bagrry’s is a popular Indian brand which manufactures high-fibre breakfast cereals and health foods. Bagrry’s offers a huge variety of Muesli and Oats. Some of the Muesli variants are – Crunchy Muesli, Choco Delight Muesli, Protein Muesli and Swiss Style Muesli. Bagrry’s Oats come in variants like Porridge White Oats, Masala Oats and Oats for Atta. Other than Muesli and Oats, Bagrry’s also sells Total Bran Wheat Flakes and Corn Flakes in different flavours.


NesPlus is Nestlé’s brand of breakfast cereals which offers a product range of Multigrain Flakes, Multigrain Fillows, Multigrain Granola and Multigrain Kokos with a lot of variants and flavours within these products. Use Grofers promo codes to buy NesPlus cereals at discounted prices.

Grofers Happy Day

Happy Day is Grofers’ own brand of breakfast cereals. Their product range includes Corn Flakes, Crunchy Choco Fills, Crunchy Choco Pops, Instant Wheat Porridge and Choco Flakes to name a few. All these products come in different flavours and variants.

Check out the different Grofers offers on the app and don’t miss out on the amazing Grofers coupons. Use Grofers promo codes to get discounts, cashbacks and more on the purchase of breakfast cereals. Have a wonderful start to your day!

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