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The Uber Eats food delivery platform brings you a selection of the best coffee hubs from the heart of the Chennai city. Now, get your daily caffeine-boost in the form of sizzling hot mugs of goodness or ice-cold refreshing beverages with mind-blowing Uber Eats promo code and Uber Eats coupons here to save your day. Here are some of our top recommendations for you to indulge in on the Uber Eats delivery app:

Coffee House

Location: Mount Road

Uber Eats Rating: 4.1

Best Picks: Sukku Coffee, Brownies with Coffee, Mushroom Puffs with Coffee.

Find Coffee House on your Uber Eats app and order your heart out with their assortment of caffeinated drinks and hot beverages combos.  Get assured Uber Eats promos and Uber Eats offers on your purchases so you can spend less and buy more!

Lassi Shop

Location: Vepery

Uber Eats Rating: 4.3

Best Picks: Hard Rock Coffee, Mud Coffee, Ferrero Coffee.

Got a sweet tooth? Here are some refreshing cold coffees that come with an irresistible chocolaty twist that will have you coming back for more! Get Uber Eats coupons on the food delivery portal making sure you get the best rates on your online purchases.

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

Location: Nungambakkam

Uber Eats Rating: 4.5

Best Picks: Sand’s Home Brewed Cold Coffee, Sandy’s indulgent Iced Mocha.

Get your hands on some absolute dynamite menu options from Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory that will have you head over heels for their smashing breakfasts, Scrumptious burgers, devilish desserts and much more. Don’t miss out on their mind-boggling beverage options as well.

Madras Coffee House

Location: Thirumurthy Nagar

Uber Eats Rating: 4.0

Best Picks: Two cups of Coffee ad Cocktail Samosa

Indulge in some great coffee options from Madras coffee house accompanied by some mouth-water snacks on Uber Eats. Try out the exclusive combos from Madras Coffee House for combo choices to enjoy with your best mate or significant other. You can now avail Uber Eats offers on any of you orders to for some killer deals.

Tuckshop Gourmet By Donut House

Location: Egmore

Uber Eats Rating: 3.2

Best Picks: Café Frappe, Chocolate Frappe, Caramel Frappe.

Find Tuckshop Gourmet on Uber Eats to browse through some fabulous cold coffee menu options to serve your caffeine cravings at any time of the day. On Uber Eats lookout for Uber Eats promo codes to make your orders feel super light on your pockets.

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