Forts In Maharashtra: Top 10 Forts in Maharashtra That You Must Explore

Maharashtra is an amalgamation of rich culture, multilingual people, and regal dynasties. Ruled by the Satavahana, Rashtrakuta, Mughal, and Maratha dynasties, Maharashtra glorifies the bygone era through its colossal forts. Kingdom of the great emperor, Shivaji Maharaj, Maharashtra is a state that still echoes sounds of the wars between the Marathas and the Mughals. There are numerous forts in Maharashtra that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the bygone era through regal architecture.

We are here with a curated list of the top 10 forts in Maharashtra that are a must-visit:

Why Go there? Heritage | Scenic Beauty | Adventure
Ideal For: History lovers | Nature Lovers | Beach Lovers
Trivia: The entire state of Maharashtra went on a war to save Hindustan | The state of Maharashtra is the second most populous state in the country | It is India’s wealthiest state | Pune is an automotive hub of India | India’s first train ran in Maharashtra
Things To Bring Back: Handicrafts | Home Décor Items | Fruits | Spices

Forts In Maharashtra: List Of Top 10 Forts In Maharashtra

Forts in Maharashtra Distance from Mumbai Airport 
Lohagad Fort 105.5 Km
Daulatabad Fort 321.5 Km
Panhala Fort 390.4 Km
Raigad Fort 173.44 Km
Janjira Fort 165.6 Km
Pratapgarh Fort 224.7 Km
Shanivar Wada Fort 155.1 Km
Yashwantgarh fort 559.5 Km
Sindhudurg Fort 508.4 Km
Torna Fort 221.3 Km

Forts In Maharashtra: Top 10 Forts in Maharashtra That You Must Explore

1. Lohagad Fort – Beautiful Fort in Maharashtra

Lohagad Fort Lohagad Fort is a magnificent structure created by the emperors centuries ago. Ruled by the Marathas and the Mughals, this fort has a unique history of its own. Lohagad fort holds a great relevance as it was captured and recaptured by Shivaji Maharaj. Later on, he also used this fort to store his treasury looted from Surat.

Situated at an elevation of 1033 m above sea level, Lohagad fort is enveloped by green sheets of trees. Located in proximity to Khandala, you can travel to this quaint paradise to delve into history while enjoying scenic views.

Distance From Khandala: 19.8 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Lohagad Fort:

  • Explore the Visapur Fort
  • Stroll near the Pavana Lake
  • Go for Paragliding
  • Seek blessings at the Narayani Dham Temple

2. Daulatabad Fort – Historic Fort in Maharashtra

Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort is a city that was built by the first Yadava King V in 1187. Tucked 16 Km away from the city of Aurangabad, Daulatabad fort is a colossal fort overlooking the Devagiri hill. Perched on a conical hill, Daulatabad fort is also known as Devagiri (Hills of Gods). It was also believed that Lord Shiva stayed at the hills for some time.

Daulatabad famously remained the capital of Tughlaq dynasty under the famous ruler Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. Atop the Devagiri hill, the Daulatabad fort gives a spectacular view of Aurangabad.

Distance From Aurangabad: 17.0 Km

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 /- (Indians); Rs. 100 /- (Foreigners)

Things To Do At Daulatabad Fort: 

  • Visit the Jain Temple
  • Explore the Chini Mahal
  • Visit the Ellora Caves
  • Have fun at the H2O Water Park
  • Seek blessings at the Jyotirlinga Temple

3. Panhala Fort – Famous Fort in Maharashtra 

Panhala Fort

Nestled in the majestic Sahyadri range, Panhala Fort is located 20 Km northwest towards Kolhapur. It was once a major trade route from Bijapur due to its proximity to the coastal areas. Once home to the queen regent of Kolhapur state, it was taken away by Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1659. It has also been a centre of several battles among the Marathas, Mughals and the British East India Company.

Panhala fort is located atop a hill that overlooks the enormous Sahyadri range. The entire landscape offers a breathtaking view of the adjoining landscape. The visitors can also take a trekking path to reach the Panhala fort.

Distance from Kohlapur: 22.7 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Panhala Fort:

  • Seek blessings at the Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Explore the Maharaja’s Palace
  • Stroll at the Tabak Udayan
  • Street Shopping in Kolhapur
  • Picnic near the Rankala Lake

4. Raigad Fort – Famous Fort in Maharashtra

Raigad Fort

Raigad is a hill fort perched at a height of 820 feet in the Sahyadri mountain range. This fort is one of the most prominent establishments of the bygone era. The Raigad fort was seized by Shivaji Maharaj when he became the king of the Maratha Empire. Later in the year 1818, the fort was looted and destroyed by the British.

This spectacular fort has around 1737 steps that connect to the fort. Visitors can either take the steps or enjoy the beautiful views by taking the Raigad ropeway.

Distance from Lonavala: 124 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Raigad Fort:

  • Visit Shree Balleshwar Temple
  • Explore the Kondana waves
  • Stroll at the Kondivili beach
  • Visit the Raj Bhawan

5. Janjira Fort – Unique Fort in Maharashtra

Janjira Fort

Subtly sitting on an island, Janjira fort is located near the coastal village of Murud in the Raigad district. This architectural masterpiece stands tall at a height of 40 feet and makes for a stunning sight. The fort was built in the 17th century by Malik Ambar who belonged to the Nizamshahi dynasty.

This sea fort is an impressive fort that makes you witness the beauty of the enormous Arabian Sea. You can simply take a ferry ride from Rajpuri which is located 4 Km from the town of Murud.

Distance from Raigad: 55.3 Km

Entry Fee: Rs.20 /- – Rs.25 /-

Things To Do At Janjira Fort:

  • Take a horse ride at the Murud Beach
  • Visit the Garambi Falls
  • Explore the Ahmedganj Palace
  • Shop in the city
  • Visit the Kasa Fort

6. Pratapgarh Fort – Beautiful Fort in Maharashtra

Pratapgarh Fort

Offering stunning views of the mountain ranges, the Pratapgarh Fort is perched high on a hilltop. The construction of Pratapgarh fort was completed in the year 1656. A significant site of the battle of Pratapgarh that took place between Shivaji and Afzal Khan was fought below the fort in 1659.

Located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, this fort is a popular destination among tourists. Visit the Pratapgarh fort to delve into its glorious history while seeping into the serenity of the mountain range.

Distance from Satara: 76.6 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Pratapgarh Fort:

  • Seek blessings at the Krishnabai Temple
  • Check out the Elphinstone Point
  • Visit Arthur’s Seat
  • Stroll near the Lingmala Waterfalls
  • Visit the Sunrise Point

7. Shanivar Wada Fort – Spooky Fort in Maharashtra

Shanivar wada fort

A seat of power of the Peshwa empire, the Shanivar Wada Fort was built in the year 1732. It was once a seven storied capital of the Maratha empire, which remained with them until it was lost to the British in 1818. This place is also said to be haunted by the ghost of the Peshwa Narayan Rao.

It is one of the most significant forts in Maharashtra that you must visit. It will not only give you a deeper look into the past of the great ruler Bajirao but also make you witness the beautiful architecture of the Maratha Empire.

Distance from Pune: 700 m

Entry Fee: Rs. 5 /- (Indians), Rs.125 /- (Foreigners)

Things To Do At Shanivar Wada Fort: 

  • Visit the Jangali Maharaj Temple
  • Stroll at the Geo direct
  • Laze at the Chalo Heritage
  • Nature Walks
  • Shop at Laxmi road
  • Explore Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

8. Yashwantgarh Fort – Archaic Fort in Maharashtra

Yashwantgarh fort

Yashwantgarh Fort was built by the Marathas in the year 1713 for the Maratha queen Tarabai Bhonsle. It was later captured by the Portuguese. In the year 2012, the fort was returned to Vishwanath Patki which was gifted to his family by the British.

The fort is also known as Redi fort which is located near the Maharashtra Goa border. It mostly remains in ruins with trees entangled around its walls. Due to its proximity to the beach, the Yashwantgad Fort provides scenic views of the Arabian Sea.

Distance from Pune: 407.1 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Yashwantgarh Fort:

  • Stroll at the Keri Beach
  • Trek to the Arambol Mountain
  • Picnic near the Paliem Sweet Water Lake
  • Read at the Open Book Library Arambol

9. Sindhudurg Fort – Beautiful Fort in Maharashtra

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort is a humongous fortress constructed on a rocky island shore by Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is located 450 km from South Mumbai near the Malvan region of the Konkan district. The fort was constructed to stop the expansion of the foreign colonists and to restrict the rise of Siddis of Janjira.

This fort is now protected by the Indian Government and makes for a major tourist attraction in Sindhugarh. Offering stunning views of the colossal sea, this fort in Maharashtra is a must-visit for all.

Distance from Sindhudurg: 30 Km

Entry Fee: Rs. 50 /- (Indians), Rs. 200 /- (Foreigners)

Things To Do At Sindhudurg Fort:

  • Visit the Tsunami Island
  • Explore the Tarkarli Scuba Diving
  • Visit the Rock Garden
  • Explore Malvan Marine Sanctuary

10. Torna Fort – Best Fort in Maharashtra

Torna Fort

Constructed in the 13th century, Torna fort is a major attraction near the city of Pune. Believed to have been constructed by the Shaiva Panth (followers of the Hindu God Shiva), this fort was the first fort that was captured by Shivaji Maharaj. Elevated at a height of 4603 ft., Torna fort makes for a stunning hill fort located in the Pune district.

Visit this magnificent fort to witness the first victory of Shivaji Maharaj. The serene surroundings make for a perfect place to get close with nature.

Distance from Pune: 71.6 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Things To Do At Torna Fort:

  • Visit the Rajgad Fort
  • Explore the Panshet Dam
  • Stroll near the Madhe Ghat

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