Top 5 Fun Challenges By Celebs To Follow During Quarantine Times

The period of quarantine, although imperative, can be a buzzkill. Think of some of the most awaited events that were pushed several months back in an attempt to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus including the concerts by Green Day, BTS, The Rolling Stone, Pearl Jam and Elton John. Other awaited events which were affected by the spread of the virus are The Met Gala, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Coachella and Stagecoach, Google Cloud Next’20, and several summer movies including The Walking Dead, Charm City Kings, and the latest James Bond feature ‘No Time to Die’ among others.

For those who like to keep up with the rest of the world, missing out on these events may be direful. Thanks to the social media, you can follow up with your favourite celebrities and entertain yourself while practising social distancing. Or you could follow their lead and participate in some viral challenges.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 challenges you can follow during quarantine to keep boredom at bay.

List of Top 5 Challenges That You Can Take Up For Some Fun

Challenges on social media can be quite the pastime as long as the quarantine lasts. You can look out for your favourite celebs and catch up on the challenges to make a quarantine hobby out of it.

1. The Toilet Paper Challenge

The Toilet Paper Challenge

If you have hoarded plenty of toilet paper, you may as well make use of some to participate in quirky challenges like the toilet paper challenge. All you need to do is kick off the toilet paper as if you were to kick off a soccer ball. This challenge was started by professional soccer players and has been taken up by several celebrities including Diplo.

2. ‘Ghen Co Vy’ Challenge

‘Ghen Co Vy’ Challenge

If you are an avid TikTok user, you may already be familiar with the famous ‘Ghen Co Vy’ or the hand-washing challenge. The challenge uses a remix of a V-pop hit ‘Ghen’ which went viral due to the catchy melody and lyrics that are specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge also involves easy choreography that recapitulates the importance of washing hands several times a day for 20 seconds in order to combat the virus.

3. The Eyes-Closed Couple Challenge

The Eyes-Closed Challenge is a fun task that you might want to try with your significant other or even your sibling. In this challenge, you must sit next to one another with your eye closed and have a third person ask you questions about one another. Both of you must answer each question just by pointing fingers at each other. The challenge was taken up by Jennifer Lopez and her beau Alex Rodriguez.

4. The Savage Challenge

The Savage Challenge

The Savage Challenge has been doing rounds on TikTok, courtesy celebrities like Justin Bieber, Magan Thee Stallion, Normani and Janet Jackson. The challenge involves showing your best moves to the ‘Savage’ track. Take this challenge if you always wanted to twerk it like Miley.

5. The Push-up Challenge

The Push-up Challenge

Let’s get real- you can’t sleep through a pandemic. You might get plethora of time for naps while quarantined but you must exercise to do away with the sluggishness. Well, what better than taking the Instagram push-up challenge? So far, the challenge has been taken by Justin Bieber. All you have to do is post a video of yourself doing 10 push-ups to your Insta stories and tag 10 others to do the same. Alternatively, you can also do a plank challenge and see who is up for it.

What Else Can you Do While Going Through the Lockdown:

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