Nothing beats the satisfaction and happiness that we experience by ending our meals with delicious desserts. Those gooey choco lava cakes and crumbled cheesecakes can instantly brighten up your mood and turn your day around. And if you happen to be living in Bengaluru, then you can thank your sheer luck. Bengaluru has some amazing dessert places that not only offer mesmerizing desserts but also healthy desserts which will benefit you. And you can enjoy these desserts being delivered to your doorstep, thanks to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is a leading and very popular online food ordering and delivery platform in India, which has been launched by Uber. The great benefits of ordering from this app, apart from the convenience, are the Uber Eats coupon and Uber Eats offer. They allow you to earn impressive discounts on your orders.

Here are the top healthy dessert places on Uber Eats Bengaluru.

WarmOven Cake & Desserts

 If you simply cannot resist fresh pastries and lava treats just out of the oven, then this place is your paradise. They have a wide range of bestsellers from raunchy red velvet cakes to rich chocolate truffle cakes and various varieties of lava cake. Use your Uber Eats coupon code to try out this amazing place today.

Corner House Ice Cream

 If deliciously flavoured ice creams are your weakness, then this place is going to be a regular for you. This place offers an extensive variety of mindblowing ice cream and cake desserts. And the Uber Eats offer will surely make these desserts even sweeter for you.

Asha Sweets Centre

 If you like your desserts in the Indian style, then this place would be best suited for you. The wide range of desserts available here includes Kaju Barfi, carrot halwa, sugar-free Horlicks barfi, orange bite, choco bite, angoori rabri, and so much more. Don’t forget to use your Uber Eats promo code to get them at the best prices.

XO Belgian Waffle

 Even if you aren’t a fan of waffles, the vast range of wonderful waffles offered by this place will have you coming back for more. You can choose from numerous different types of waffles like red velvet waffle, chocolate overload waffle, nuts for Nutella waffle, and a wide range of waffle shakes. Do use your Uber Eats promo vouchers for maximum benefits.

You can now enjoy additional cashbacks on your orders, thanks to CashKaro. Uber Eats has tie-ups with CashKaro that is highly beneficial for you. All you have to do is copy the Uber Eats promo code and use it to order your favourite dessert from CashKaro. You will be all set to enjoy guaranteed cashbacks on your orders.

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