Top Healthy Dessert Places on UberEats Mumbai

Is there anything worse than being on a diet and craving a dessert that you know you shouldn’t have? We know how difficult it is to resist from taking just one bite of that delicious ice-cream stored in your freezer. But we feel that you should be able to eat whatever you want and whenever you want. So, as a solution to this, we have found some of the best dessert places in Mumbai on UberEats from where you can order and eat healthy and tasty desserts without having to break your diet.


Along with Keto breakfast, healthy snacks and salads, Healthie serves some delightful desserts like Chocolate Walnut Bomb, Date and Almond Bomb and Fig Almond Bomb.

Saldanha’s Health Juices

This Juice Bar serves juices of different vegetables and exotic fruits, smoothies and shakes and also has a variety of healthy dessert options like exotic fruit salad bowls and fruit crumbles.

Greens N Leans

This eatery is popular for its low-calorie dishes. Their smoothie bowls, Parfait, strawberry pudding with Chia seeds and chocolate pancakes (made with oats flour) are all must-tries.

HAS Juices & More

Located in Phoenix Mall, HAS Juices & More offers Parfaits, juices, smoothies, shakes and salads. We recommend their Mango Smoothie Bowl and HAS Parfait. Check out UberEats promo on HAS Juices & More.


Pishu’s has an array of fruit bowls, refreshing juices, shakes, mocktails and smoothies. Their fruity oats and fruit platter are best-sellers.

Mister Vegan

Mister Vegan sells fruit sorbets and vegan ice-creams which taste very similar to a normal dairy ice-cream. Indulge in a creamy, guilty-free affair with Mister Vegan on UberEats. Get unbelievable UberEats offers and UberEats coupons on orders!

Apsara Ice Cream

Apsara offers vegan sorbets, as well as sugar-free ice-creams which taste like the real deal. You can now eat a whole tub of ice-cream by yourself at home without worrying about the calories!

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