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Ordering food online via food delivery platforms has become an undeniable part of our lives. Though initially available only in major cities, now food delivery apps like Zomato reach far and wide across the country, to serve us our favourite delicacies. Working professionals resort to these apps with a sigh of relief among their busy schedules. We have to admit that these apps have certainly made our lives a little easier.

Eating healthy is the ultimate necessity of late. The amount of GMO food and preservatives added to everything we eat brings about the question of whether eating out is a feasible option. When even food at home is not preservative-free, how would it be outside? Buy no need to worry. Catching on to the trend of healthy eating, there are a lot of healthy eateries and health bars cropping up. Check them out using Zomato coupons.

Zomato food delivery is one of the first Indian food delivery start-ups, and over time it has evolved to suit our growing needs. With the growing health concerns and problems of regularly eating-out, a lot of options have come up on the Zomato app to make you diet better. And with Zomato offers and discounts, meals have also become economic.

What can we order?


Most popular restaurants offer salads in their menus. Ordering a full portion of salad can be quite satisfying to the appetite. Customising the salad to suit your diet would be a healthier option. Using mustard instead of mayonnaise, oils (olive/canola) instead of butter, etc. would be better dressing options.

Make sure you avoid ingredients that you may be allergic to or advised against consuming. Zomato allows you to add ‘Cooking Instructions’ for the same purpose, while placing your orders.

Baked – Not Fried

Especially while choosing cooked meat, make sure you go for baked (or grilled) options over fried items. This does not mean all baked dishes are healthy. The idea is avoid as much oil as possible.

Healthy Sandwiches or Wraps

Sandwiches made with whole-wheat bread or multigrain bread and fresh vegetables are great choices for a filling meal.

Juices & Smoothies

Fresh fruit juices or fruit smoothies are great alternatives for carbonated drinks and milkshakes that contain too much sugar and calories. Choose good juice bars from the Zomato app and do not forget to mention ‘less sugar’ in the cooking instructions.


It is almost impossible to resist a sweet craving. We often end up grabbing a sweet after a meal. The question is how can we make it healthier? Fruit based desserts are the best option if you simply need a dessert. Avoid chocolate-based or buttery desserts.

Find alternate options such as yogurts or juices instead of a regular dessert.

Where do we find ‘em?

Some of the most popular joints serving healthy food options on Zomato are:


Subway is clearly the first option that comes to our minds when we think of a healthy food joint. With their highly customisable menu, going healthy is quite easy. Multi-grain bread, fresh vegetables, nutritious fillings – you name it, they have it on your table. Their variety of salads are the ideal choices if you need to skip breads all together.

Taco Bell

Another major food chain available in most cities now, Taco Bell offers healthy options as well. Veg burritos, paneer tacos, etc. are options you can try out. Remember to choose salsa over mayo as the sauce for a healthier variant. All their delicacies are available on the Zomato app.

Drunken Monkey

Now in most major cities of India, they have the healthiest variety of juices and smoothies. Real fruit juices, veg smoothies, hydrators, detox drinks and even meal smoothies that give you the calories and nutrition of a full meal. They also have other healthy snack options which include fruit sandwich, dry fruit sandwich, and quesadillas, among others.

More on Zomato!

Clearly, you cannot resort to the same options every day, especially if you are frequent with your orders. To find more options in your city/locality, you just need to select the ‘Healthy Food’ preference in the filters and let Zomato do the job for you!

zomato coupons on healthy food

Even better, with CashKaro discounts you can order your healthy meal that is not only easy on your stomach, but easy on your pockets as well. CashKaro offers a selection of Zomato promo codes and coupons.

What are you waiting for? Head to CashKaro’s Zomato page already!

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