Attention millennials! It’s about time we take responsibility for our lifestyle and make mindful choices that begin right at home. More specifically, right in the kitchen. It is quite easy to fall prey to clever marketing and we oftentimes find ourselves bringing home food that goes through all kinds of crazy processing, is full of questionable ingredients and loaded with extra additives.

Luckily for us, the BigBasket app has got our daily grocery shopping requirements covered and we can now have the entire supermarket in our smartphones, just a click away. Find these top healthy items on the BigBasket online grocery.

Quaker oats

Begin your day with Quaker oats pouch from the BigBasket grocery. Oats are a nutrient-dense breakfast option and have high amounts of soluble fibre content that keeps you satiated for long. You can top it off with Fresho dehydrated fruit and nut pack and Gooddiet Chia seeds or pumpkin seeds for a fresh kick to your day or with Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder.

Gooddiet Nutrition Bars

If you’re on the go then grab the Gooddiet nutrition bars. Brought to you by the BigBasket company, the bars come in a variety of flavours and are devoid of gluten, sugar, preservatives and additives and are loaded with natural ingredients. They make a great pre-workout snack as well to get you going!

Happy Chef Pasta

Making simple changes would make a world of difference rather than opting for viral fitness fads and crash diets that would only do more harm than good. You can now make restaurant-quality yummy pasta dishes with the Happy Chef Pasta made from quinoa and millets, which are available on BigBasket.

Beans, Legumes & More

Apart from the regular kitchen staples, BigBasket also has a wide range of nutritious beans, legumes and millets to keep your meal balanced. You can now get Manna First Baby Food range, Timmios Oaty Bites, Babystaples rice porridge and Mimmo Organics Baby Food for the little ones as well.


Their poultry section allows you to shop for Saguna boneless chicken lollipops, variety of seasoning choices, fresho egg trays and much more. BigBasket provides us with freshly cut fruit salads, apart from all the fruits and veggie choices, arriving chilled to your doorstep so you can gorge on some delicious goodness without having to leave your house.


Keep your pantry clear of unhealthy snack options and instead load it with act II Instant popcorn, Happpilo Nutmix, Flat tummies Protein bars, Lindt dark chocolates or just opt for come delicious peanut chikki bar from Charlie. BigBasket also offers a variety of green tea options and Onlyleaf Butterfly blue pea tea is a great buy.  This way you are bound to reach for some guilt-free, wholesome and healthy snacks.


What better way to begin your day with yummy fruit juices which are not only delicious but also give you the energy to face the challenges of the day without experiencing fatigue. With brands like Real and Tropicana, you don’t need to worry about the quality and condition in which these are delivered as BigBasket offers timely and safe delivery at nominal prices.

Who said dieting had to be boring, costly or daunting when now you can eat more weigh less and gain a practical lifestyle as well. With the BigBasket offers today, you don’t have to search high and low for quality food at affordable prices. The price of eating healthy can adds up but there are definitely ways to spend smartly with BigBasket coupons and deals to keep your kitchen full of energy-filled yummy goodness. Use Cashkaro to top your big basket online shopping experience with additional cashbacks and discount coupons as well.

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