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High End Fragrances on Myntra

Did you know your scent makes a striking impact on the people around you? It is something people associate memories with, and maybe even associate you with. The way you smell is such a noticeable factor and that’s why it’s really important to smell your best. Fresh and clean scents give off good impressions while if you reek of sweat, the opposite occurs.

When it comes to perfumes, it’s good to trust experts like Myntra. They have on their site, some of the most luxurious fragrances available, and you can buy them with Myntra coupon codes from CashKaro for discounts and cashback. Here are some of the most ethereal products available on Myntra.

Calvin Klein – Sheer Beauty

This body mist has some of the best fragrance notes in it giving it a very floral and fresh scent. Top notes are bergamot, red berries and Bellini. It also includes floral notes like Lilly, Jasmine and Peony in it. All combined, it is one of the nicest scents available. You can get it on Myntra using CashKaro’s Myntra coupons.

Tommy Hilfiger – TOMMY NOW

This is a no-nonsense type of scent. It has two major notes, which when combined, have a divine smell. The fresh citrus with alluring amber wood gives off a different smell, but it works really well. You can wear it either for everyday use or reserve it for special occasions. Tommy will not disappoint. Buy it now using Myntra offers.

JAGUAR – Men Classic Black

The predominant notes in this Eau De Toilette are mandarin, bitter, orange and green apples. These fresh citrusy notes combine with the more warm cardamom, green tea and nutmeg. The resulting fragrance is one of both freshness and class and is apt for when you’re trying to make a first impression. Get it now with Myntra coupon codes.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer has their own range of and body care products and an assorted collection of perfumes and body mists. They have rich aromas of musk, amber, and exotic floral scents as well. They have perfumes for both men and women. Check out their entire collection on Myntra’s Personal Care section.


Guess perfume for women is a very popular choice. It is perfect for everyday wear and keeps you smelling alluring all day long. The notes in this perfume are mostly floral notes. They include raspberry nectar, melon, bergamot mist, Brazillian paradise orchid and Provence acacia flowers. Make this yours using Myntra coupons and save lots.

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