Top Japanese Restaurants In Mumbai

Fondly known as one of the best food delivering platforms, Uber Eats is the easiest way to get your food to your door. An international company, Uber Eats came to India a mere two years back but has managed to gain the trust of Indians country-wide. On this platform, you can order easily and track your food right to when it reaches your home. Another advantage with this platform is all the Uber Eats promo codes available for use, via CashKaro.

Bringing to you endless cuisines, one of the most popular in Mumbai happens to be Japanese. Here’s our pick of Japanese restaurants that you can find on Uber Eats.

Wok Hei

Wok Hei is a very authentic pan-Asian restaurant that serves Japanese, amongst its vast menu. Their food is known for its taste and quality. Order now using Uber Eats Coupon and avail discounts.

What to try: Chicken Bamboo Rice, Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

90 ML Kitchen

This is a restaurant that serves multiple cuisines of which Japanese is part. You can enjoy a variety of dishes here, but it is known for the Asian dishes. You can try it out now with Uber Eats promo from CashKaro.

What to try: Veg Bamboo Rice, Burnt Garlic Noodles

Soi Kitchen

This is a completely vegetarian restaurant. You may be flabbergasted and think, how can a Japanese place not serve non-veg. This restaurant doesn’t and it completely works! Find out for yourself with the help of Uber Eats Offers!

What to try: California Dream in Maki Rolls, Teriyaki Potatoes, Teriyaki Pepper Cottage Cheese

China Villa

Though named China Villa, this restaurant specialised in Pan-Asian dishes, especially Japanese. They have an assortment of dishes from the country, which are authentic in taste. Order now using Uber Eats promo from CashKaro.

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