Lakes In Kodaikanal: Top 6 Lakes in Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

Lakes In Kodaikanal: Top 6 Lakes in Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

“When nature has a work to be done, she creates a genius to do it”.  Nature has created such a gem ‘Kodaikanal’, that is also known as the ‘Gift of forests’. A mystical land of verdant green woods, misty clouds and colossal clear blue sky, Kodaikanal serves as a popular retreat for visitors from all over India.

Say goodbye to the sweltering heat of the plains. Visit this relaxed and intimate paradise of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. The cool breeze adds a certain magic to this paradise of the south. While Kodaikanal is abundant with edgy mountains and varied flora and fauna, it is also blessed with beautiful placid lakes.

Why Go there? Scenic Beauty | Adventure | Peace
Ideal For: Adrenaline Buffs | Couples and Honeymooners | Students | Bloggers | Peace Lovers
Trivia: Kodai Lake was built by an Irishman | Swimming was once legal in the Kodai lake | Kurinji Andavar Temple was built by a European lady | Kodaikanal is laid on a plateau
Things To Bring Back: Handicrafts | Dried flowers | Snacks

List Of The Top 6 Lakes in Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

Lakes in Kodaikanal Distance from the Airport
Kodai Lake 177.3 Km
Berijam Lake 196 Km
Mannavanur Lake 207 Km
Silver Cascade Falls 177 Km
Thalaiyar Falls 173 Km
Vattakanal Falls 177 Km


Lakes In Kodaikanal: Must-Visit Lakes in Kodaikanal

1. Kodai Lake –  Beautiful Lake in Kodaikanal

Kodai Lake

Kodai a.k.a. Kodaikanal Lake is a man-made marvel subtly cradling in the lap of the Western Ghats. This star-shaped wonder was created by the British and early missionaries from the USA. Enveloped by emerald green sheets of trees in the backdrop lies the marvellous Kodai Lake.

Take a boat ride in the clear blue water of the Kodai Lake or simply visit the mighty waterfall ‘Silver cascade’. To have a closer look at the landscape, trek to the lake viewpoint for an added dose of adventure.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 177.3 Km

Things To Do At Kodai Lake:

  • Explore the Kodai Chocolate factory
  • Shop at the Danish display
  • Indulge in ice skating
  • Seek blessings at Christ the King Church
  • Stroll at Coakers walk

2. Berijam Lake – Picturesque Lake in India

Berijam Lake

Berijam lake is an enormous lake cum reservoir that is bound to stun you with its allure. Discovered by some European settlers, the Berijam lake is situated at a distance of 21 Km from the city. Surrounded by pine trees, the Berijam lake offers mesmerizing views of the landscapes. The tranquil surroundings help to rejuvenate the mind and soul.

Relish the scenic views while taking a boat ride in the crystal blue waters of the lake. Don’t forget to trek to the pine forest to awaken the adventure junkie in you.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 196 Km

Things To Do At Berijam Lake:

  • Visit the fairy falls
  • View the breath-taking beauty from the Pillar rocks
  • Explore the Guna cave
  • Visit the Dolphin’s nose
  • Seek blessings at the Kurinji Andavar Temple

3. Mannavanur Lake –  Alluring Lake in India

Mannavanur Lake

Mannavanur is a tiny lake sitting amidst verdant greenery. This scenic site is a treat for nature lovers. Unwind from the daily stress of the city life by visiting the quaint Mannavanur Lake.

It is one of the offbeat destinations in Mannavanur that is now going all touristy. You can take a stroll around the lake and find some sheep grazing nearby. You can either have a picnic on the banks of the lake or enjoy a peaceful boat ride.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 207 Km

Things To Do At Mannavanur Lake:

  • Visit the Poombarai Village
  • Stroll at the Chettiar Park
  • Explore the Pampadum Shola National Park
  • Shop at dynasty

Other Water Bodies In Kodaikanal That You Must Explore:

4. Silver Cascade Falls

Silver Cascade Falls

Ever visited a city that welcomes you with a waterfall? Experience this magical waterfall while you enter Kodaikanal via the Madura-Kodai road. Standing tall at the height of around 180 ft, Silver Cascade falls are one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal. Enjoy hearing the soothing sound of the water cascade falling on the rocky surface. Take a quick shower in the fresh water of the cascade or simply sit beside the waterfall and sip hot tea.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 177 Km

Things To Do At Silver Cascade Falls:

  • Visit the Kodaikanal Lake
  • Explore the Green Valley View (suicide point)
  • Eat at the Devil’s kitchen

5. Thalaiyar Falls

Thalaiyar Falls

Thalaiyar Falls is one such marvel of nature that would make you forget those exotic international destinations. A gigantic cascade falling from an enormous height of 975 ft. is a wonder that you must not miss.

The scenic views of the waterfall are bound to make you fall in love with Kodaikanal. Don’t forget to visit the Dum Dum rock viewpoint to have a splendid view of the falls.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 173 Km

Things To Do At Thalaiyar Falls:

  • Visit the ice skating café
  • Explore the Perumal peak
  • Check out the Vaigai dam

6. Vattakanal Falls

Vattakanal Falls

If you are an adventure lover, then Vattakanal Falls must be your hangout in Kodaikanal. The only way to reach this graceful waterfall is to trek via a small forest passage. These twin waterfalls peacefully cascade through a rocky passage creating a hue of milky white water. Rejuvenate your mind and soul while you are sitting beside the waterfall.

Distance From Coimbatore Airport: 177 Km

Things To Do At Vattakanal Falls:

  • Learn the art of yoga at Kodaikanal Yoga Centre
  • Take a walk at the Dolphin’s Nose
  • Visit the nearby Palani hills

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