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Mumbai is a coastal city. It is so full of coastal food restaurants serving inconsistent and commercialised versions of the food. Considering its proximity to the Arabian Sea, it goes without saying that seafood is a must-have culinary and a fundamental part of Mumbai’s cuisine. With so many choices at their disposal, restaurants in Mumbai have tastefully redefined seafood dishes and platters. From Kerala style prawn curry to the famous chingri macher malai from Kolkata, the seafood here takes you all over the country.

Has your mouth started to water? Are you wondering where you can find these restaurants? The answer lies at the tip of your fingers. That’s right. You don’t even have to step out of your home or hotel, thanks to Swiggy. Order food from the Swiggy delivery app and enjoy exclusive Swiggy coupons. To avail exciting discounts, simply apply the Swiggy promo codes at the time of ordering and voila! You can enjoy delicious seafood at unbelievable prices. But first, you must know the right places to order from. So, here are the top seafood places on Swiggy Mumbai. Seafood includes fin and groundfish (haddock, plaice, cod, tuna), gastropods (periwinkles, sea-snails), crustacean shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp) and bivalve molluscan shellfish (oysters, cockles, clams, mussels).

1. The Konkan Cafe – Vivanta by Taj President

The luscious seafood dishes of this place represents the dedication of the chef who spent months in strangers’ homes down South to learn their secret skills. This place is all about flavour and freshness. It’s warm, cosy and beautiful to the core,  the Konkan cafe will crave you for more. However, this place is a little expensive. But, the Swiggy coupons allow you to taste the best of the best within your budget. Try not to miss out on tasting their star delicacies, the crab gravy and fish biryani.

2. Gajalee

Gajalee is not just a restaurant – it’s Mumbai’s pride and tourists’ unforgettable experience. From pomfrets and crabs to oysters and clams, their menu will have you go crazy and their delicious food will make you ecstatic. And with amazing Swiggy promo codes, heavenly seafood mind-blowing prices are just a click away.

4. Oh! Calcutta

Craving for some magical Bengali seafood dishes? This is going to be your new favourite place. This place is best known for its authentic seafood dishes. The chefs here fly most of their seafood stock from Bengal. It couldn’t get any more authentic than this. Before you get all excited to order, remember to apply your Swiggy coupon code for the best experience.

4. Highway Gomantak

If you love seafood, then head to Highway Gomantak in Bandra East for amazing coastal delicacies that will make you want to come back for more. This is a very popular and budget-friendly seafood place that has been raising waves of appreciation and fame with its unbelievably titillating seafood dishes inspired from Goa. This family-owned and managed restaurant won’t burn a hole in your pocket but feed your soul. And the Swiggy offers for this place makes it the number one choice for many seafood lovers.

5. Ocean Fresh Catch

For starters, the diverse seafood menu of this place is just the trailer. Then, the techniques and fresh ingredients with which your chosen fish is marinated and stewed to prepare an astounding dish will leave you craving for more. Though it’s not a very expensive place to begin with, applying the Swiggy coupon code will put you in a win-win situation.

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