Top Smart Glasses on Flipkart

Smart glasses on Flipkart

Stepping out of this reality is very much desired, but not so easy to do. I mean sure, people with wild imaginations can cook up stories and live in their own worlds. But what do we, regular people do?

I think the best way is through smart glasses and VR glasses. These contraptions let you experience different views and allow you to delve into any world you want to.  The next question would be – Where do I find them? Flipkart is my answer to you. Here are some of the best smart glasses on Flipkart.

Rewy Sports Sunglasses

These sunglasses aren’t simply sunglasses. It comes with a bunch of prefixes describing what the glasses do. Made by the brand Rewy, many before have bought it and found it useful. Buy yourself one now with Flipkart offers.


  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Headphones
  • USB Port

PREMIUM E-COMMERCE Virtual Reality Glasses

Want to be on a roller coaster right in your living room? Want to dive deep under the sea from your bed? This VR glass lets you do all that. Buy it now with Flipkart coupons and experience a different reality at a discounted price.


  • 7 – 6 Inch Screen Compatibility
  • Front cover with anti-dust feature


This smart glass is all-inclusive. You can do just about anything with it. Buy it now with Flipkart sale today offer for some good cashback.


  • Bluetooth
  • Pick up your phone
  • Music

DOMO nHance VR5 Universal Virtual Reality 3D

These virtual reality glasses are one among the best. You can be at an event right from your own living room. Buy it now on Flipkart sale with today’s offer to get awesome cashback on your order.


  • Removable back covers allowing easy access to your phone
  • Head tracking movements facilitating true 3D reality

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