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As they say, “makeup is art, beauty is spirit”. Makeup gives that extra boost of confidence to make a girl feel like she can conquer the world.

Where better to buy makeup from than Flipkart? Flipkart offers an array of makeup products from different brands on a single platform so that you can compare and choose wisely. Here are our top makeup brands whose products you can buy on the Flipkart upcoming sale.

Faces Canada

Faces is a Canadian cosmetics brand offering an exclusive range of makeup, skin care and personal care products. Right from Foundation, Lipstick and Kajal to Makeup Remover and Nail Polish, Flipkart offers a wide variety of Faces products.

Maybelline New York

Started as a small family-owned business in New York, Maybelline now offers various makeup products in different countries, including India. Along with one of their most popular products ‘Baby Lips’ Lip Balm, you can find a lot more of Maybelline products on Flipkart.


Owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, Lakmé was India’s first cosmetics brand to offer an extensive selection of beauty and skin care products as well as professional salon services and is one of India’s most favourite beauty brands. Log on to Flipkart to avail ‘Flipkart Sale Today’ offers on Lakmé products.


Auric beauty products aim to cater to a woman’s daily beauty needs. Whether it is your eyes, lips or face that you want to accentuate, they have the right pick for you. Buy Auric products on Flipkart to receive Flipkart coupons and discounts.


Oriflame is a Swedish beauty company started by two brothers. Inspired by nature, their products use natural extracts and ingredients to ensure safety and quality. Flipkart provides a collection of Oriflame products like lightening creams, blushes, toners, lipsticks and more.


Lotus Herbals is an Indian beauty company which provides beauty products primarily based on nature and science. Their assortment of face, eyes and lip care and makeup products are available on Flipkart.

L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl is one of the most affordable good quality makeup brands that are available in India. With a wide range of foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and much more. The quality of their products is also remarkable. You can now make their products yours using CashKaro’s Flipkart discount codes. Explore your creativity with L.A. Girls makeup.

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