Travel Hacks: How To Make The Most Of Your Bus Journey

If you travel frequently by buses, then you probably know all about the pros and cons of travelling in this method. You probably have already gathered life hacks that you can use to make the trip better for yourself. But read this blog to discover potential new ones or to improve on your own hacks.

Here are some ways you can make bus travel better for you.

Choose the Window Seat

If you’re given the option to choose your seats on any method of travel, always choose the window seat. This is particularly useful for people with motion sickness. The constant inflow of air will help calm your nerves and reduce the feeling of wanting to be sick. Also, choose seats which are in the middle of the bus. It will be less bumpy. Book your seats now using Goibibo Bus. 

Download the Entertainment

If you’re planning to be on the bus for a while, chances are you’ll get bored after the first half-hour. And being bored on a monotonous bus ride is the worst. Make sure you’ve downloaded your favourite movie or TV show on your phone before you head out. Also, don’t forget your Headphones or your power bank. You’ll thank yourself for it. Or, just book a bus with a charging port using Goibibo Bus Tickets coupons and save.

Dress comfortable

There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes on a bus. Bus travel is literally a place for you to wind down and take in the scenes of where you’re travelling to. With already cramped seats, don’t torture yourself more with skinny jeans or the likes. Wear clothing that you are comfortable in and especially those that allow you to bend and stretch. Expert tip: find buses with extra leg space by booking with Goibibo Bus Ticket offers.

Pack Lightly

The last thing that you want to be doing on a bus is taking care of your 100 and one bags. Make sure you travel with at the most two bags so that it’s easier to look after and track down. Use packing cubes to maximise your packing efficiency and get everything you need down to two bags.

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